Criptan closes a funding round of 500.000 euros


Criptain, the platform that offers customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies has closed a funding round for a total of 500.000 euros that will allow the company to implement new services and start its international expansion.

Behind the capital injection that values the company in 5 million euros are, among others, the VC fund Draper B1 and private investors such as Fabien Causeur or Javier de la Rosa.

The company, that sold 2.300.000 euros worth of cryptocurrencies in December, mainly boosted by the growth of Bitcoin and its call to action, has concluded 2020 with a total turnover of 10 million euros, a 2.000% growth since 2019 and a grand total of 6.000 users.

This liquidity injection will allow the company, on top of its international expansion, grow its development team, materialize new services and features, increase its partnerships with big companies and even more importantly, strengthen its customer support, because it is a key service to increase the confidence of its customers.

Jorge Soriano, co-founder and CEO of Criptan said “this liquidity injection will allow us to increase our team to be able to implement quickly all the new services and features that we plan to include to improve the life of our customers.”


He also says that “each of the entities and people that participated in the funding round will contribute beyond the economic boost, adding value to the business and helping to close new partnerships”.

The company has recently launched CriptanPay, a payment processor that will allow companies to accept cryptocurrency payments. And the first one to try it out will be Mirai, the biggest national booking engine for hotels in Spain.

Criptan’s philosophy is the “democratization” of cryptocurrency usage. And it’s because of that, as per Jorge Soriano’s words that “Criptan advocates for bigger transparency and closeness with our users, facing the heat at any moment and offering a tailored customer support. In fact, we are making internal audits almost every month. And we also offer free education and information on cryptocurrencies with public webinars”.