mediQuo closes a € 2.3M investment round with Encomenda Smart Capital and Dozen

  • mediQuo already has 1,500 validated professionals who perform daily consultations
  • The platform is the best way for health professionals to interact with patients 100% telematically

MediQuo has closed a new investment round of 2.3 million euros, which will allow the company to commercially expand their leading telemedicine platform to connect healthcare professionals and their patients, to consolidate its product vision, to develop the commercial strategy and maintain the excellent position achieved within the telehealth industry in Spain and Latam.

Most of the previous investors have participated in this investment round, and have been joined by Encomenda Smart Capital fund, the investment platform Dozen Investments (formerly The Crowd Angel) and new top level private investors.

The new capital injection will help the start-up, known as the WhatsApp for healthcare, to consolidate several of their recent bets. The most important milestone has been to develop an app for professionals with great added value, mediQuo Pro, with its web version included, thus allowing communication between healthcare professionals and their patients with maximum guarantee of safety and efficiency.

MediQuo has closed agreements with major pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, private hospitals and with public administration, both in Spain and in Latin America, as well as large and small companies to offer mediQuo as an employee benefit. With this new round, mediQuo plans to continue signing large B2B2C agreements, to continue being the communication platform between healthcare professionals and their patients, and thus establish itself as the reference health company in the eHealth sector.

Bruno Cuevas, Co-CEO of MediQuo, comments that “2020 has been a great year for us. We have consolidated our 24/7 instant medical response business, we have launched mediQuo PRO, our Saas tool for professionals, and have managed to increase sales by 700%. This investment round gives us confidence from new and important investors in the project, and also gives us wings to write our next chapter, where we consolidate our leadership position in telemedicine innovation. ”

Guillem Serra, Co-CEO together with Bruno, highlights that “As a doctor I always thought that the tools of the market were complicated and bureaucratic. I wanted something simple, like WhatsApp but specific for health, to be able to communicate with my patients and colleagues ”.

A promising project

From the experience and success of mediQuo, MediQuo PRO is born, a leading telemedicine platform that connects health professionals with their patients. MediQuo’s new telematic care platform, inspired by WhatsApp, arises in 2020 to respond to an increase in the demand for telemedicine in the world, at a critical time derived from the COVID-19 health emergency. MediQuo PRO, with only a few months of life, already hosts more than 1,500 validated professionals consulting through its app and web platform, and has the aim this year to prove as the best health communication tool and consolidate its strength in Spain and Latin America.

Carlos Blanco, chairman of Encomenda Smart Capital, highlights that “The HealthTech sector is one of the segments with highest growth last year, especially as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. MediQuo’s B2B2C platform is the best solution for hospitals, insurance companies and public administration to efficiently connect their patients with their doctors ”.

For his part, Ramon Saltor, CEO of Dozen Investments, assures that “Telemedicine is one of the sectors for which we have decided to bet this year from Dozen. It is a huge and acyclical market that combines healthcare with technology, two keys to the positive growth of societies worldwide”.

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