MOA Foodtech secures €3 Million in Series A funding led by ICOS Capital


MOA Foodtech, a pioneer in the integration of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, has successfully closed a €3 million Series A funding round. The round was spearheaded by ICOS Capital, a Dutch venture capital firm, with additional financial and strategic contributions from notable investors including Clave Mayor, Viscofan, SODENA and Banco Sabadell.

Funds to Boost Scale-Up and Commercialization Efforts

The investment will significantly enhance MOA Foodtech’s capabilities in scaling up its operations, including commercialization efforts and production expansion. This strategic financial boost aims to facilitate a comprehensive market launch targeting international customers, positioning MOA Foodtech at the forefront of sustainable food production.

Founded in 2021 by Susana Sánchez, José María Elorza, and Bosco Emparanza in Pamplona, MOA Foodtech aims to revolutionize the current food production model. The model is responsible for approximately 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 80% of deforestation. MOA Foodtech’s innovative approach leverages fermentation technology to transform agricultural byproducts into nutritious and sustainable ingredients, promoting circular solutions within the agri-food sector.

Transforming Agri-Food Byproducts into Sustainable Solutions

Utilizing biotechnology combined with artificial intelligence, MOA Foodtech develops high-value ingredients from agri-food byproducts such as cereals, bagasse, and legumes. These ingredients are reintroduced into the industry and broader society through MOA’s proprietary fermentation process, contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.

“The funds will primarily be used to enhance our commercial strategies and further develop our AI platform, Albatros, which streamlines the creation of new ingredients and solutions, reducing both time and costs,” explained José María Elorza, co-founder and CFO of MOA Foodtech.

“MOA Foodtech has combined potential of industry biotech with AI to deliver cost competitive and carbon efficient functional ingredients, in parallel addressing global need for nutritional ingredients, while applying circular approaches valorizing agrifood side streams. We are excited to be part of the scale-up financing for the company.” Katarzyna Gil, Principal, Icos Capital.

Icos Capital: Investing in Climate Tech and Sustainability

Icos Capital, based in the Netherlands, manages Climate Tech Venture Capital funds focused on accelerating sustainability through early growth stage investments. The firm collaborates withleading corporations to foster industry decarbonization and sustainable transitions in Food Systems, Chemicals & Materials, Industry Digitization, and Carbon Technology.