Nalej Lab expands in Europe with TheVentureCity

Nalej Expands in Europe
  • TheVentureCity, a deep tech VC fund headquartered in Madrid and Miami, is partnering with Nalej as an strategic ally to boost their international scaling plan

Backed by TheVentureCity, the Nalej™ platform is opening its first innovation Lab in Europe. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and New York, Nalej’s gateway to global expansion is Madrid. The Lab will become a startup hub, offering services and knowledge in IoT, Smart Cities, and Cloud Computing.

Stephen Reade, CEO of Nalej, made the announcement at the South Summit 2019 in Spain, during the panel “Keys to Softlanding in Madrid”, alongside Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and founder of TheVentureCity.

Focused on the development of the new frontier of connectivity, Edge Computing, Nalej provides a platform that allow companies to deliver the best digital experiences by and unifying Cloud, local and IoT infrastructures to dramatically reduce latency, increase application performance and securely orchestrate applications and services to best fit infrastructure based on user proximity. With its commitment to Madrid, Nalej wants to create an innovation hub that attracts developers and companies alike, who are looking for making a decisive shift in the management of their infrastructure and applications.


“Spain, and particularly Madrid, must become a gateway to the European market for American companies. At TheVentureCity, we support international founders with investment but also with their operations. The creation of Nalej Lab, the first in the continent, represents a significant milestone to create a Hub where innovation and developers growth”, said Laura González-Estéfani, CEO and founder of TheVentureCity.

“In Madrid, we already have a local team of 15 people working in the development of our technology and its implementation across large industries. We are confident that this is a unique opportunity to become a global player: Scale-up in Europe and connect with a community of local developers, public institutions and companies that are ready for their networks and infrastructure to reach a new level of efficiency”, said Stephen Reade, CEO of Nalej.

The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley and New York, intends for Madrid to be the beginning of a worldwide scaling plan, side by side with TheVentureCity. “Our business model is detail-minded; we help companies undergo a true transformation of their operations; we generate graphs to balance and deploy applications that facilitate business’s main process”, said Reade.

The relevance of the alliance and the investment from TheVentureCity in Nalej for the Madrid startup ecosystem is that it will allow access to seasoned knowledge from Silicon Valley. Cloud computing is a sector concentrated in few companies. Nalej democratizes those processes and allows all companies to reduce data latency in critical processes, saving huge costs and increasing the security of their assets”, said Andy Areitio, fund partner of TheVentureCity.

The startup scene in Madrid is strengthening over time. Proof of that is the 2019 edition of the South Summit Conference, which received 3,800 proposals by startups from around the world, including nearly 270 from the Spanish capital. In addition, business and productivity services are the third most popular sector among businesses. The arrival of Nalej evidences this trend bringing the latest technology to the hands of local talent.