Odilo raises 10 millions of dollar to help organizations create their own unlimited learning ecosystems

Rodrigo Rodrí­guez, Odilo's Ceo
  • Odilo will invest the new funds to boost the development of its intelligent learning experience technology, increase its content catalog (which already includes 5,300 partners in 43 languages), and advance its global expansion by entering new markets.
  • The Spanish company is accelerating its growth, reaching 9 Ministries of Education and thousands of libraries, business schools, universities, schools, and companies in more than 27 countries, all of which have been transformed by creating their own unlimited learning ecosystems.

Odilo’s rapid growth goes hand in hand with the fast increasing global demand for unlimited, flexible learning solutions capable of adapting to the preferences and needs of each user, a category in which the Spanish company leads globally. Therefore, Odilo has just closed a financing round of 10 million dollars led by Swanlaab Venture Factory, also adding new international investors such as Endeavor Catalyst and with the support of CDTI and its current investors KIBO VC, JME VC, Active VP, who are once again betting on the company.

“We are very excited to build a new category in the education sector. Traditional providers offer plain vanilla digital libraries or limited learning platforms, which are restricted to a few formats, and content providers operate on a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t take into account different learning preferences and methodologies. Odilo is the first platform that provides an unlimited, fully personalized, and frictionless collaborative learning experience for all users and organizations. We have in fact proven to increase learning habits by 3-5x with our digital solution”, says Rodrigo Rodríguez, Odilo’s Founder and CEO.

In this sense, more than 146 million users around the world have access to more than 3 million multiformat educational and cultural titles through the Odilo platform, created for Governments, independent schools, business schools, universities, and libraries. Odilo is currently trusted by more than 6.200 innovative institutions from all continents and works with 5.300 content providers.

Odilo has designed its technology to adapt to the needs of users of all learning abilities and in all parts of the world to ensure learning without any barriers. Odilo is proud to be supported by the European Commission to improve learning across Europe and to have pioneered the Odilo Young Reader Awards,  we work together with public and private entities to achieve UNESCO 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


In addition, the pandemic has accelerated the digital learning programs from schools, universities, business schools, and companies, and along with it the challenges and opportunities they face to provide the best educational experiences in the digital world.

Given the avalanche of hundreds of solutions and the quantity of existing digital content in all formats, it is increasingly difficult for organizations and instructors to select digital content from countless business models and independent systems, not being able to have the best content available in a simple and updated way according to their own needs and learning objectives.

On the other hand, many users are accustomed to big music or video platforms, where you can access updated content from thousands of providers from a single application.  This content is also proactively shown according to their interests. In contrast, their current digital learning experiences are restricted to limited content from a few providers which can only be consumed in a complex way through several independent platforms.

Faced with these challenges, thousands of organizations are rapidly launching their own “unlimited learning ecosystems.”, These personalized educational platforms offer an experience similar to that of large music or series platforms, which also allows them to offer their users the best digital multi-provider content. The content includes millions of titles from the best providers in the world of ebooks, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, videos or courses, along with the possibility of creating any type of learning experience with them in an integrated manner (independent, guided, collaborative, certified, classroom, etc.)