Report on Startup Investment in Spain 2020 on sale now

Report on Startup Investment in Spain 2020 on sale now
  • Venture Capital in Spain: Annual Investment and Most Active Funds 2020.

StartupsReal, the English-language online magazine covering the startup and innovation ecosystem in Spain for an English-speaking audience, and part of El Referente, launches its second report on Startup Investment in Spain in 2020. In addition to analysing the important data on how investment has performed in the country over recent years, the report lists and analyses in detail the top 100 most active venture capital firms and professional investors of the last few years. The report is 120 pages long and costs 100 euros and can be obtained on the StartupsReal website.

Nauta Capital, Seaya Ventures, Kibo Ventures, K-Fund, Caixa, Sabadell, Encomenda, TheVentureCity, JME Ventures, Axon Partners and another 90 investment funds are analysed in the report with a wealth of detail. The publication explores each fund in depth, detailing founders, investors, the objectives and strategy of the fund, phases of investment, the sectors of interest and plenty more. It is an indispensable resource for discovering the Spanish investment panorama and will be of particular interest to entrepreneurs and startups planning an investment round over the coming months.


The report also analyses the evolution of the Spanish ecosystem and accumulated investment. Investment in Spain is currently going through a period of uncertainty due to the coronavirus crisis which will result in a reduction of startup investment over the coming months. The first thing that stands out from the data is that the cumulative total for first four months of this year was 200 million euros, almost 150 million euros lower than in 2019.

The positive from the data, up until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, was that investment in Spain had stabilized at around 1 billion euros, having reached 1.098 billion in 2019 across a total of 206 publicly available transactions, a figure similar to the 1.227 billion invested across 199 transactions in 2018. In terms for the top investment rounds of the year, Glovo is the company to highlight after it closed the two biggest rounds of the year at 150 million euros each for an accumulated 413 million euros over the last four years, becoming Spain’s second unicorn after Cabify.

As for the sectors to receive the highest levels of investment in 2018 and 2019, there are two that far outpace the rest in millions of euros (marketplace and ecommerce and delivery, both at above 400 million euros, partly as a result of the large rounds announced by Letgo and Glovo). In terms of number of transactions, the fintech sector leads with 35 transactions, followed by marketplace with 23 and proptech with 22.

As before, the publication also includes the year’s 100 most active funds in the startups area and this year features more than a dozen new funds including Roble Ventures, Enzo Ventures, Keith Ventures, Segtech Ventures, Realiza, Market One Capital, Itnig, Gohub, Draper01 and Cupido Capital among others, along with the better known funds included in the previous edition. Access the report here.