Samaipata Ventures, the investment fund specialized in european marketplaces

Samaipata Ventures
  • The fund offers investment and support to startups in pre-seed and seed stages
  • The firm invests mostly in Southern Europe, with Spain, Portugal and Italy representing about 50% to 60% of their investments

Samaipata Ventures is a Madrid-based venture capital fully specialized in pre-seed & seed-stage marketplaces and digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) across Southern Europe, France and the UK.

Samaipata’s goal is to invest in brilliant founders at their first institutional round, adopting a hands-on approach based on their specialization, and supporting them through to a Series A/B, bringing in tier 1 value-adding VC firms to ensure funding and foster internationalization.

Founded by José del Barrio in mid-2015, Samaipata Ventures was officially registered as a venture capital firm at the beginning of 2016, the same year Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner joined the project as Chairman.

The fund was launched with 6-8M, committed by the founding partners and advisors. Since then, fund’s target size grew over the following months, as interest in the fund increased. First it grew from €10M to €15M, then from €15M to €20M and finally, from €20M to €30M.

Samaitapa Ventures invests in B2B & B2C business with an industry-agnostic approach. Over the years, it has invested in many different sectors, including Logisitcs, FoodTech, Fashion, Real Estate and Jobs, among others.


Being a highly specialized fund, both in terms of business models, stage and geographical focus, Samaipata only invest two types of online models: marketplaces and DNVBs (Digitally Native Vertical Brands), during pre-seed and seed stages.

The fund does not fix a follow-on period, establishing different fundraising roadmaps according to companies’ needs, execution speed, stage and ambition. It invests in pre-seed and seed stages up to Series B, typically every six to twelve months, and up to a maximum of €3M.


Although Samaipata Ventures does not manage their investee companies, they offer help and support based on their experience and that of their network. Its objective is to be more than a just a source of funding.

Samaipata provides support for entrepreneurs with the objective of contributing to their know-how in areas such as finance, strategy, marketing or Human Resources.

The firm invests mostly in Southern Europe, with Spain, Portugal and Italy representing about 50% to 60% of their investments. Their secondary market is France and the UK, which represents the remaining 40% to 50%.

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