Sheetgo, a solution for managing spreadsheet data

Sheetgo Founders
  • The company has several international investors, such as Wow (Brasil), Angels Capital (Spain), Seedrocket4founders (Spain) and Caixa Capital Risk (Spain).

Sheetgo is a cloud-based platform (SaaS) that enables anyone to create, automate, share and control their workflows right from spreadsheets. It was founded in 2016 by Yannick Rault van der Vaart and Jonatan Gomes Da Silva, and he later joined the project Chad Pittman and Rafael Vidal.

Spreadsheets are the world’s biggest legacy system with 1 billion users and now that it’s going online, the number of spreadsheets now double yearly. With hundreds of thousands of users, requiring no techie skills, with clients from 70+ countries, Sheetgo serves departments from companies of all sizes and

Sheetgo’s founders have decades of experience in leading roles in technology, sales, and finance and they are financed by tech Vcs. The company is the pioneer of managing workflows of productivity applications. This focus no other company has ensured it’s differentiation.

The name was selected by a process with 9 steps, with a duration of 6 months. Brainstorming (50 names), naming generation tools (175), narrowed the list with internal research, sent to specialists, external survey and A/B testing helped to find our actual name. Sheetgo represents an strategy to built a platform to create and manage workflows from spreadsheets. It’s also phonetically practicable and


In addition, it operates worldwide. As of January 2019, they have clients in more than 70 countries. Mainly in the US with more than 50% of users share.

The company has several international investors, such as Wow (Brasil), Angels Capital (Spain), Seedrocket4founders (Spain) and Caixa Capital Risc (Spain). In 2017 it is supported in the form of loans by two shuttles, one Brazilian and one Spanish. Subsequently, they became a capital loan, obtaining up to 600,000 euros of financing, both from these accelerators and from other public and private entities. The money they’ve raised has been mostly used for product development together with some marketing efforts to validate and get traction in the market.

In 2018 It was recognized as “The Best Startup in Spain and Portugal”, Europe’s “ Best B2B Enterprise Services” and “Most Scalable Startup”, among others. The startup is currently in the launch phase of Workflows into the product. The next step will be to adjust this new experience to the existing audience and the new audience that is coming. And increase the capacity of the workflows to deliver more and more value for our users.