Spanish startup CargaTuCoche raises a €3 million funding round


The Spanish startup CargaTuCoche has managed to close a €3 million financing round with the main objective of consolidating its business in Spain and becoming a market leader in the private charging points market. 

The round was carried out by the investment fund Return, René de Jong (Business Angel) and some of the current investors who had come in previous rounds.

The amount of the round will not only be destined to lead the Spanish market of private charging points, but also to enhance the technological installation platform by adding new services related to electric vehicle charging, as well as to start the internationalization process of the startup in Europe during 2023.

Charge your car with solar energy

Electric mobility continues to gain momentum around the world, and Spain is no exception. With the aim of offering a complete and sustainable solution to electric vehicle charging needs, startups CargaTuCoche and Solarmente have joined forces in a strategic collaboration. This alliance will allow users to charge their electric cars at home using solar energy generated by their own photovoltaic systems. With a clear focus on user experience and a shared commitment to lead the transition to a more sustainable future. 

In Spain, there has been a 43% increase in registrations of electric and plug-in hybrid passenger cars during the first four months of 2023, compared to the same period last year. However, user insecurity regarding public charging options has led to plug-in hybrids accounting for 57% of rechargeable vehicles in the country. 

Thus, although there are around 21,500 public charging points, most of them are low-powered. Only 19% of the points are fast charging, which shows the need to continue expanding and improving the recharging infrastructure in the country.

Up to 7,000 charging points in Spain by 2023

CargaTuCoche, with its proprietary technology installation platform and a network of highly trained installers, is revolutionizing the way in which individuals and companies make the leap to electric mobility.

In 2022 CargaTuCoche accumulated a total of 4,000 installations, a figure they expect to grow in 2023 with the deployment of more than 3,000 charging points throughout the country.

As Enrique Alía Altares, CEO and founder of the company, points out: “We stand out for our focus on the user experience and for offering a complete service from initial advice to the resolution of complicated procedures such as legalization and subsidies”.

In addition, they provide free after-sales service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

“Private customers enjoy the savings and convenience of having a charging point at home, while companies can count on customized solutions to install multiple charging points in their parking lots,” adds Alía.

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