Sustainability and healthy living, the pillars of meal kit startup Let’s cook

Let’s cook is a meal kit company based in Barcelona. The company sends the ingredients in exact quantities with the corresponding recipe to cook at home and creates plans for cooking healthy and tasty food every week. Chefs and nutritionists develop new recipes every week for a complete cooking experience with healthy and varied meals.

The ingredients are fresh and from local producers, thus reducing the carbon footprint and promoting the consumption of seasonal ingredients. 

Their vision is to be a benchmark in healthy food and create a positive impact in people’s quality of life. Their goal is to remove the stress around the question “What’s for dinner?” Let’s Cook helps save time, combats food waste and cares for the environment.  

Since its creation the startup has been growing and in 2022, they have started delivering to the entire peninsula. There’s free delivery in Madrid and Barcelona.

After bootstrapping (they have an ENISA of €50,000) and are already breaking even, they are looking for their first investment of €600,000 that could be complemented with another ENISA. The aim of the investment is to grow their customer base and loyalty, expand their facilities and invest in technology to leverage growth by automating processes and guiding the product through big data and artificial intelligence software.

The round will be closed in the coming months and, by 2023, the company has set another milestone: multiplying its turnover by four. Let’s cook will thus become a benchmark in healthy food with a triple impact (customers, employees, and society).


Nicolás Escasany, Santiago Castiella and Gustav Johansson are the founders of the startup. Nicolas and Gustav met while pursuing their Executive MBA. When analyzing the online retail market, they saw that Northern European countries had more developed and larger markets in proportion to the Spanish market. In addition, they clearly saw the trend of a growth of food in this channel. “The meal kit market”, which was already a success in these countries, was still in an early stage in Spain. 

One of the first customers was Santiago. Let’s cook had taken the hassle out of making dinner and he liked the service very much. He became interested in the project and joined as the first collaborator; not long after, he joined as a partner.