Startups | Innovators
Feelcapital, the pioneer robo-advisor in Spain

The technology of Feelcapital is based on a solid mathematic calculation that allows the company to obtain reliable results in order to advise its clients securely via investment funds.

Startups | Spain
Clicpiso, the fast, easy and safe platform for apartment sales

Clicpiso, founded in 2017 by Francisco Moreno, provides the user the guarantee of immediacy and transparency of payment in the face of a real estate sector that tends to hamper such transactions.

Startups | Innovators
ApetEat, on-demand healthy lunch at the office

ApetEat is the first Spanish e-commerce that allows people to keep a balanced diet during their workday. Through an online and on-demand platform, ApetEat offers a unique experience based on Mediterranean food that intends to improve the employees’ lifestyle and comfort by supporting the concept of “lunch as a benefit”.

Investments | Startups
February ends with 12 million Euro invested in Spanish startups

February is once again a very weak month in terms of public investment in Spain, achieving one of the worst records of the last 24 months, as the month ends with just over 12 million Euro invested in startups through a total of 7 operations.