Clicpiso, the fast, easy and safe platform for apartment sales

Francisco Clicpiso
  • Clicpiso is the first Spanish startup created and optimized to quickly, easily and safely buy a property in less than a week.

Clicpiso, founded in 2017 by Francisco Moreno, provides the user the guarantee of immediacy and transparency of payment in the face of a real estate sector that tends to hamper such transactions.

The company is has also eliminated additional costs and commissions thanks to its own algorithm based on Big Data and a multidisciplinary team, which allows it to offer clients sales at competitive prices.

The Spanish company digitizes the process of buying and selling houses, optimizing a process that traditionally involves a closing process that lasts months through a pioneering technology platform.

Thanks to its innovative technological system, consumers can obtain a quotation with a fair market offer, analyzing the property data and digitizing the efficient and profitable sales process in just a few clicks, getting access to liquidity in 7 days.


On the platform, the user enters their property data, and receives a response in less than 24 hours with an initial offer that is completely free of charge.

After acceptance, an expert visits the apartment and presents the final offer, which will be the price you pay at the time of signing the sale. In this way it reduces both the terms and the impediments for clients who wish to sell a property quickly and easily.

Although the real estate industry is a well-established sector, which has always offered great benefits, it has not evolved in innovation, as other industries have. In fact, second-hand real estate sales in Spain generate more than € 71,000 B per year and is still a market that is yet to be digitized.

“We know that the process of selling a home can be exhausting and involves a large investment of time and energy. That’s why we offer a quick, simple and transparent alternative to sell flats at a good price,” say the founders of the company.


Clicpiso, which has investors from the financial and real estate sectors such as Aena, BBVA Bank and Aviva, had a turnover of more than €8.5 M in its first year. Thus, it has managed to maintain a positive cash flow since January 2018, and a break-even point that has grown since then.

Which is why the company is currently focusing on continuing to develop its technology and expanding the business to Europe’s most important cities.