ApetEat, on-demand healthy lunch at the office

  • Their business model is based on three main pillars: Product, Service and Commitment.

ApetEat is the first spanish e-commerce that allows people to keep a balanced diet during their workday. Through an online and on-demand platform, ApetEat offers a unique experience based on Mediterranean food that intends to improve the employees’ lifestyle and comfort by supporting the concept of “lunch as a benefit”.

According to figures, five out of eight interactions with food are made during working hours, so ApetEat wants to take advantage of this reality to provide workers with a simple way of taking care of their diet.

Apeteat was founded in 2015 by Pablo Samaranch and Eduardo Liviano, who saw a clear business opportunity to be the first food delivery startup specialized on corporate environments.

Their business model is based on three main pillars: Product, Service and Commitment. By providing high-quality products and an immediate and exquisite service, they are able to make their most important asset, their customers, feel at home.

“Our mission is to respond to a basic need such as lunch in an unfavorable context such as the office, where we usually eat poorly and quickly, providing value and unique experiences to people,” says Samaranch, ApetEat’s CEO.

Everything their customers need to do is get into their webpage, select the menu, and wait to receive their food at the office. So simple as that. But there’s more: they also celebrate the ApetEat Monthly Award, through which they reward their customer’s loyalty.


Pablo and Eduardo were able to launch their project thanks to the 3 Fs –Family, Friends and Fools– who believed in their business idea and gave them 78.000€ to cover their product and expansion needs.

A year later, thanks to ENISA Young Entrepreneurs, they were able to get 60.000€, that were allocated to acquisition, loyalty and web development. They later invested 200.000€ in team & web development.

Both of ApetEat’s founders are really happy with these figures. “ApetEat has validated the opportunity with little investment in marketing and sales, achieving very positive metrics and volumes”, Pablo and Eduardo say.

Now they are growing by 20% every month, raising x4 their monthly revenue thanks to B2B deals such as the ones they’ve just made with Amazon ApetEat Corner.