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Pensumo, the app that allows you to save by running, recycling or reading

Pensumo is a Spanish startup that is dedicated to converting “daily actions and purchases” into savings for the pension in a very simple way: through a mobile application.

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Byld, the startup that has designed a startup creation model: Corporate Venture Building

The Byld startup has launched a model of startup creation called Corporate Venture Building, which is based on the construction of startups with large corporations. This is “the definitive innovation model”, says the company. Byld’s business model focuses on “taking on the risk of the creation process of startups”.

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The logistics startup ecosystem in Spain

Time flexibility, immediacy, geolocation and process optimization are some of the ingredients that have developed and boosted many startups in the logistics ecosystem in Spain. All this, combined with technology and industry 4.0, have made this sector one of the champions in innovation. Together with artificial intelligence there is a series of startups with a […]

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MIT Technology Review presents the Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019

Since 1999, MIT Technology Review recognizes the young innovators and most talented entrepreneurs from different countries who are developing new technologies to help solve the problems that affect our society nowadays.

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Yatepeino, home beauty services all year round is an online platform and marketplace that offers beauty services on the date and at the place chosen by the client, at home, at a hotel, office or in the place that best suits them. The company was born in 2016 by the entrepreneurs Jesús Olmo and Enrique Arnaldo with the idea of generating […]

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Spotahome, the startup that makes long-term renting easy

Spotahome is a 100% online booking platform, offering an exhaustive list of apartments, rooms, studios, and student residencies. The company focuses on finding residential rentals for mid-to long term stays of a minimum 30 days, depending on city regulations. Inspired by their own experience living abroad, Alejandro Artacho, Bruno Bianchi, Bryan McEire and Hugo Monteiro […]

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Relendo, an attractive collaborative consumption project

Relendo is an online platform which allows users to rent their personal goods to those around them. Through Relendo it is possible to share and rent products to users residing nearby, in a safe and fun way. Relendo was created in 2015 as a platform for collaborative consumption that allows individuals within the same area […]

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November closes with more than €132 M invested in startups in Spain

November gave a new boost to investments in 2019 thanks to the end of the month with a cumulative 140.83M€ invested in startups in a total of 22 public operations, making it the second month with the highest number of capital raised in 2019 after April (280.36M€) and ahead of July (131.61M€). The total accumulated […]

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Delvy, the innovative law firm for startups

Delvy Law & Finance is an innovative law firm that was born in the 22 district of Barcelona. Delvy’s objective is to be a reference as lawyers for startups to cover the legal, financial and fiscal needs of technological startups and disruptive companies. The startup was founded by Pablo Mancía and Josep Navajo, and according […]

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Declarando, the platform that helps the self-employed to pay their taxes

Declarando is a platform that helps Spanish self-employed to avoid certain errors when paying taxes. These workers pay around 4,000 euros more per year in taxes than they should, as they deduct fewer expenses than they are actually entitled to in their quarterly VAT returns. With Declarando, a self-employed person keeps his accounts, makes invoices, presents […]