The CBRE Proptech Challenge launches its 3rd Edition

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  • The CBRE Proptech Challenge launches its 3rd Edition

CBRE, the leading real estate consultancy and services provider, has launched the third edition of the CBRE Proptech Challenge – the first ever competition in Europe to seek out digital talent capable of revolutionising the world of real estate through creative and innovative ideas. CBRE is offering the chance for up-and-coming firms in the sector to promote their projects, benefit from its network, and express their views via its new platform.

“The Proptech Challenge demonstrates CBRE’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation within the real estate sector, an area which is advancing at breakneck speed. This competition has come a long way since it first began – last year’s edition attracted a large number of participants of 24 different nationalities”, said Carlos Casado, Chief Operating Officer in CBRE Spain.

The competition aims to promote and publicise solutions that offer tailored services for clients, improve the efficiency of processes and interaction with services. Other projects create truly unique experiences in the spaces where we live, work, shop and enjoy our free time. This is a way of finding new, innovative solutions that can help to improve the real estate sector by enhancing the occupier experience.

The Proptech Challenge takes part of CBRE’s Proptech initiative, a collaborative and open digital innovation platform, which focuses on real estate. This year, it has become an integrated platform with its own tools (a blog) which will help to generate and consolidate a growing community. This tool will act as a meeting point for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering start-ups the chance to promote their Proptech projects and express their views.

“The CBRE Proptech platform is available to Proptech start-ups and allows them to discuss, develop and accelerate their projects. The aim is to help co-create solutions and ensure permanent innovation. We believe that a community where everyone is able participate is key to attaining disruptive solutions that can provide value for the sector and society as a whole” said Carlos Casado, Head of CBRE Proptech.

Available across Europe, this tool – designed to build a community, drive learning and develop digital talent – will benefit from the participation of several offices in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain or UK. The programme will include informative briefings, regular specialist events, round tables and other initiatives, both in Spain and in other participating countries. Once again, there will also be a Europe-wide competition aimed at finding the best solutions for the sector.


The Proptech Challenge is celebrating its third edition this year, with the aim of supporting up-and-coming companies with a vision that will transform the real estate sector. Also, as with previous editions, the competition is divided into two categories: Idea and Start-up.

Participants will be able to register from today 7 October until 11 November on the CBRE Proptech website. Participants of any nationality are invited to enter individually or as a group in the case of start-ups.

The finalist projects and subsequent winners will be selected based on their impact, feasibility and innovation by a judging panel comprising CEOs, founders of start-ups, business school representatives, and directors from the real estate technology sector. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in a CBRE fast-track programme – that will allow them to develop their projects –, to enjoy a series of roadshows across Europe and also win prize money.