Sacyr iChallenges

Sacyr has been working with startups on a regular basis, although without a formal program. During all this time, the company has had relationships with more than 100 startups with potential to apply their solutions to their business processes. That is why in 2018 it launched  Sacyr iChallenges  a program that offers a world of collaboration opportunities for agents of the innovative ecosystem, with an approach based on flexibility and the capacity to adapt to the proposals of the different innovative agents.

The outcome of challenges is usually associated with the creation of value and, in this sense, Sacyr is very open to exploring different schemes of monetization and collaboration together with other agents, with a win-win approach. The company offers ad hoc monetization schemes for each case of collaboration, ranging from the creation of joint ventures for joint marketing or the customer-supplier contractual relationship to co-investment, direct investment and other alternatives.

iChallenges is an open innovation program, key to Sacyr’s strategy for digital transformation and collaboration with the innovative ecosystem. Collaborations with entrepreneurs are always focused on solving specific business challenges. In addition, the multinational focuses its open innovation towards the resolution of specific challenges, seeking solutions together with other agents of the innovative ecosystem. The program is aimed at achieving, increasingly, a high quality of life for citizens, based on better infrastructure and better urban services.

In addition to the iChallenges program, Sacyr annually organizes the Sacyr Startups Innovation Awards, which recognize the best proposals developed by the innovative community for the urban infrastructure and services sector. These awards reach their ninth edition in 2019 and have identified some of the most innovative and disruptive startups on the market. This prize is awarded with a contribution of 50,000 Euro.

Sacyr offers innovative agents a wide variety of benefits, such as collaborating in the resolution of challenges with one of the main Spanish corporations in the infrastructure sector and with a presence in more than 20 countries or working with experts in the sector and with senior management. In addition, startups will have access to Sacyr’s sales and contact network, will be able to establish strategic relationships with the company, will have validation of the business model, as well as its acceleration, escalation and growth.


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Sacyr has announced the launch of a new edition of Sacyr iChallenges 2019

Sacyr has announced the launch of a new edition of Sacyr iChallenges 2019. Is an open innovation and co-creation program aimed at solving four business challenges along with operators of the innovative ecosystem.