The Lean Stocks platform aims to revolutionize the buying and selling of machinery

Lean Stocks
  • This is a marketplace specialized in machinery and complementary services, where companies can publish their advertisements and find great opportunities
  • The startup was created in 2020 and has participated in the Tzekintek-Ekintzaile program promoted by SPRI, the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa and the European Social Fund

The digital showcase continues its unstoppable path to dominate the 21st century market system. Increasingly, e-commerce and marketplaces are attracting more manufacturers, companies, and users, thanks to their specialization and diversity of opportunities, both in terms of selling and buying. The latest to find a market niche has been a B2B marketplace that connects companies in the purchase and sale of machinery (mainly second-hand) and complementary services.

Lean Stocks was founded in 2020 by Iker García (co-CEO), Iñaki Osa (co-CEO) and Gorka Ariznabarreta (CTO), three entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the industrial sector, whose objective is to create an ecosystem around the machine and the metal sector. Garcia, Osa and Ariznabarreta decided to name the company Lean Stocks because it refers to the philosophy of Lean startup and Lean Manufacturing. “It is a play on words since one of our objectives is to help companies reduce their stocks, one of the 7 waste elements in companies”, the founders acknowledge.


The Lean Stocks digital platform allows companies selling industrial products or services to reach more potential customers, expanding their field of action. Once registered, within the private panel they can manage all their ads (conversations, number of visits, etc.).

On the other side of the action, the buying companies have a wide range of opportunities that adjust to their needs in the same place, all within the reach of a click. Also, companies can interact within the platform through a live chat, in a simple, fast, and effective way.

The Lean Stocks business model is based on two revenue channels. Companies that register in the technical services, industry 4.0 and training sections do so by means of an affordable subscription. However, registration is free for companies selling machinery, but, once the purchase and sale operation is executed, the selling company is charged a small fee. The platform also gives companies the option of highlighting their ads by means of a monthly payment.


At the moment, Lean Stocks works exclusively in Spain, but its medium-term objective is to open up to new markets, as well as to continue expanding the technological functions of the platform.

Through BIC Gipuzkoa, the startup has managed to participate in the Tzekintek-Ekintzaile program promoted by SPRI, Guipúzcoa Provincial Council and the European Social Fund. A program which, in addition to a financial contribution, supports the projects throughout the development program.

Despite having been active for less than a year, Lean Stocks’ proposal and activity has already been recognized with the 2nd prize in the On Ekin innovative business ideas competition, organized by Ekingune. Without a doubt, this is a positive and professional impulse to face the growth and consolidation process of this marketplace focused on the machinery industry.