The valencian startup Ziknes closes its first investment round with 222.000€

Ziknes - Nacho León, Nacho Serrano, Diego Cabañas

Laser and robotics technology applied to 3D printing of metal parts. This is the value proposition that the valencian startup Ziknes offers to the industrial manufacturing sector. It is with this revolutionary means to reduce waste material, energy consumption, time and manufacturing space that Ziknes has just closed a financing round of 222.000€.

With the aid and business model validation support provided by the startup accelerator Demium, Ziknes presented its business proposal to Think Bigger Capital, an investment fund which has placed its own capital into this project, as have done a diversity of business angels and Alma Ventures investment fund. With them, an initial pre-seed round has been closed which will enable a strong kickstart to the business through the sale of their first machine by the end of the year. With an all-in-one solution which combines hardware and proprietary software, the startup thrives to reach the “democratisation of 3D printing with metal”, as stated by the startup’s own CEO, Nacho Leon.

Added experience for the renovation of the traditional manufacturing ecosystem

Ziknes’ cofounders (Nacho León, Diego Cabañas and Nacho Serrano), have spent years working together for brands such as Tesla, Merk Group and Jaguar. Having identified problems related to stock management, production timming, raw material pricing and scarcity in the industrial sector, they decided to combine their expertese to offer a complete product. A machine formed by a robotic movement dynamic system and a software which can print all sorts of parts, as well as provide a virtual stock management service via a stock-cloud for such parts and a complete data base with IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This combination, coupled with the layer by layer manufacture and the use of materials such as iron, aluminium, titanium or copper, is what accomplishes the creation of parts that renovates the traditional manufacturing ecosystem.

Alongside the green manufacturing businesses

Ziknes bets on a future where the additive industry is accessible to any company and sector (automotive, O&G, aeronautic, food, healthcare…). A future where the warehousing of parts is digital, always ready to 3D printing with shorter lead times. Where the reduction in energy costs and used material is significant, helping businesses to achieve their green manufacturing maxims, which means the renovation of production processes and manufacturing

operations, becoming more environmentally friendly.

Steady steps towards a near future

Whilst this future comes ever closer, Ziknes works on its first machine, the team grows and prepares for the next financing round.

With their statement: “Without delay. Without waste.”, they move forward in the robotic 3D printing in metal and the name Ziknes gains visibility within the technological innovation and entrepreneurship circles of Valencia.