Valencia opens #SuperLabPorts, new hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in climate change

SuperLabPorts Valencia
  • New Hub in Valencia for innovation and entrepreneurship

Valencia is on the road. The chief executive for Climate-KIC, Kirsten Dunlop will open in the Mediterranean city a new space designed called #SuperLabPorts. The project is thought to be an area for innovation and entrepreneurship in the maritime and port sector on climate change.

This Lab will be located in the port of Valencia and is the result of a collaboration between the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), the Valenciaport Foundation and EIT Climate-KIC.

Port of Valencia highlights its position as one of the tractors of the Maritime Hubs Deep Demo and as a world reference in the fight against global warming in the maritime and port sector.

The new innovation space, #SuperLabPorts, has been designed as an open and multi-functional working area in order to create and catalyse decarbonization through a fundamental transformation of different economic, social and financial systems. At the same time, this workshop will bring start-ups innovation projects, new companies, so as different universities, public bodies and citizens so to accelerate solutions to the many challenges that maritime and port ecosystems need to faced.


Through this initiative, Port of Valencia joins EIT Climate-KIC to participate in its strategy based on the creation of eight types of large demonstrators in different parts of Europe so that they become a world reference and key thematic inspireers for the systemic thansformation of society so that we are able to trackle the climate crisis on time.

These demonstratos answer to the direct demand for transformational change by the largte systems affected by climate change (cities regions, ports, industries and institutions) to work with them in the critical areas for climate action to have a high impact and therefore drive systemic change.


Ports are places where multiple systems collide: shipping, energy, waste, tourism and other types os transport. For that reason, their potential to far-reach change is massive. In a phased manner, EIT Climate-KIC will demonstrate how maritime centres can be catalysts for reverse the quick growth of shipping emissions and international trade.

Therefore, #SuperLabPort is intended to accelerate the process of transfering massive adoption of innovative solutions to the market, in the field of sustainability among the maritime-port sector. The urgency of generating pre-commercial innovation and launching entrepreneurship initiatives in the fight against climate change has reached a level that makes it necessary to multiply efforts to implement processes of decarbonization of maritime transport and therefore the entire port community.