Voicemod raises 8 millions dollars in Series A financing round to bring voice avatar personalization and gaming experiences


Voicemod, the world’s leading audio avatar company, announced today the close of an 8 millions of dollar Series A led by BITKRAFT Ventures. Voicemod’s vision is to enable gamers and content creators to find their true voice by providing immersive audio experiences via personalized voice avatars.

The company will use this investment to launch mobile applications, expand further into the Asian markets, and invest in neural network-based (“AI”) voice and speech conversion technologies to create even more unique and realistic voices.

Using a combination of AI and Digital Signal Processing technologies, Voicemod offers users the ability to change one’s voice in real-time in order to enhance the overall gaming and streaming/social sharing experience and empower players’ desires to experiment with alternate personas. Voicemod allows gamers to switch among various voices, integrate sound memes, or experiment with game play-context related voice effects. From adding the effect of being out of breath after parachuting onto the island in Fortnite to creating an echo while driving through a tunnel in Grand Theft Auto, Voicemod makes the gaming experience more engaging.

“We create sound effects that can take gamers and content creators anywhere and allow them to become anyone or anything. We believe that everybody should be able to express themselves creatively through sound so that every experience is amplified,” said Voicemod CEO & Co-Founder Jaime Bosch. “Image and video filters have increased in popularity and Voicemod is bringing the missing piece – a voice filter that enhances gameplay with fully immersive audio experiences. Thanks to the backing from BITKRAFT Ventures, we will be able to advance our mission to create more entertaining and engaging interactive audiovisual communication.”

“Voice is a fundamental signature of human identity. Being able to alter your voice in digital platforms/games is an important tool to elevate human expression and create greater entertainment experiences. Voicemod is changing the way we interact both socially on digital platforms and while playing online and the wide customer adoption of the Voicemod’s service proves that the product is driving the future for real-time voice creation and customization,” said BITKRAFT Founding General Partner, Malte Barth.

With over 10 million downloads on PC alone, Voicemod is a profitable company and has doubled the size of its team since January with a total of 55 employees. Voicemod is compatible with online games such as Players Unknown Battleground, Apex Legends, League of Legends, VALORANT, CoD Warzone, Minecraft, Roblox, GTA V, and Fortnite. It also works with popular social, chat, and video tools like Discord, Skype, and Zoom.