BCOME closes a €350,000 investment round co-led by SeedRocket, 4Founders Capital and K FUND

  • The company has consolidated its position as the first digital tool for management and innovation in sustainability in the textile and footwear industry

BCOME, after winning the latest edition of SeedRocket (November 2020), successfully closes its first round of investment at over €350,000, enabling the company to strengthen its aim of being the tool that accompanies the textile and footwear industry in its process of transformation towards ecodesign and transparency. BCOME provides a 360° solution that enables tracing, evaluating, measuring, diagnosing and communicating the environmental and social impacts associated with each article, material or provider reference. Data and knowledge to provide and guarantee a value chain of sustainable, transparent and honest products. A total of 13 investors specific to the SeedRocket ecosystem also participated in this round, which was led by the 4Founders Capital fund and co-led by K Fund.

The fashion industry is one of the most delocalised and complex in the world. An OBSOLETE production model that exhausts natural resources, contributing to deforestation, global warming, consumerism and modern slavery, and generating vast quantities of waste. The way in which we design, produce and consume has serious consequences. All economic, political and social sectors recognise the need to change the development model.

Within this context, BCOME provides a 360° solution that integrates knowledge, technology and the answers the industry needs in order to provide and guarantee a value chain of sustainable, transparent and honest products. With data and knowledge.


Team led by two young entrepreneurs: Anna Cañadell Mañé and Alba Garcia Betorz, BCOME’s founders and DNA. Alba Garcia Betorz, Director of Product: With a degree in international business and design, she has over 12 years of 360° experience in the fashion industry across micro, macro and mid-sized companies. She is responsible for BCOME’s product, vision and development, as well as its technological integration.

Guaranteeing a scalable, unique and precise product, with the aim of providing definitive answers to the challenge of sustainability. Anna Cañadell Mañé, Director of Acquisition: With a degree in architecture, she has over 9 years’ experience working in startups. She was a founding team member at Trip4real, a startup acquired by Airbnb in 2016. She is responsible for generating synergies and contacting brands and media with the aim of promoting awareness and the need for responsible decision-making. Obtaining a solid network of contacts to guarantee stability and solidity in the market.

Founded in 2019, BCOME is a pioneer in the application of intelligent sustainability management methodologies in the textile and footwear industry. Ecoalf, Camper, Flamingos’ Life, Pompeii, Axel Arigato and Thinking Mu are among the clients who have already joined BCOME.

BCOME is also an active participant in the Netmentora network and has recently had its work on impact management recognised by the Ship2B Foundation.