Bridge for Billions makes possible to start a business without leaving home

Bridge for billions
  • With the recent COVID-19 outbeak thousands of entrepreneurs around the world have stopped receiving support due to the in-person nature of the majority of initiatives.
  • Bridge for Billions opened a new global cohort of their digital program to support early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • More than a 1,000 entrepreneurs from over 60 countries have developed their startups thanks to the support of this program and their community of engaged mentors.

Bridge for Billions has launch a new program based on the economic, health and social situation that we are experiencing these days, and presumably, also in the coming weeks. This is making us aware of hundreds of cases of bankrupt companies, self-employed workers in uncertain situations and small businesses without a clear solution.

To all this, we can add the low response capacity of most training and support initiatives to new entrepreneurs, due to the almost impossible forecast of an event like this, which reflects that the current economic paradigm is undergoing a historical cooling.

Fortunately, initiatives based on the digital world with an objective to turn this situation around are providing a direct solution to these problems. Bridge for Billions is one of the companies that is taking a greater role these days due to one of its early-stage entrepreneur support free programs: The Leap – Solutions for Humanity. They are looking for entrepreneurs from any sector or industry, whose value proposition is focused on solving problems of the groups most affected by the Covid-19 virus (assistance to the elderly and / or homeless, leisure at home for families, new ways of working and learning remotely, etc.).

Bridge for Billions was born 5 years ago as a perfect solution for all those entrepreneurs who have a business idea to carry out. Through their digital program they are able to give the necessary training to the entrepreneur and connect them with their community of mentors and founders, from whom they will receive the necessary resources to develop their business and launch it to the market, while providing a flexible and methodical way of learning to undertake, step by step. They currently have a new call open for their program The Leap, Solutions for Humanity opened until Sunday 29.