Airbus Bizlab

Airbus Bizlab is the accelerator and incubator from Airbus, the French civil aircraft construction company. Startups, small technology-based companies, and company employees with innovative ideas (intra-entrepreneurs) can participate to develop their projects and transform them into profitable businesses, both for themselves and for the company.

The accelerator offers a safe space, where entrepreneurs can develop their projects and ideas thanks to the support of dedicated coaches and mentors, weekly learning sessions, access to a space for creating prototypes and, also, a Demo Day with professionals from the company, partners, and venture capitalists. The accelerator also provides access to tools and knowledge and access to the entire Airbus network (experts, mentors and contacts), to create startups that generate business with the company so that internal projects are incorporated into the structure of the company.

In addition to the program, BizLab also offers €50,000 to implement a proof of concept, and payment is subject to the successful delivery of a prototype, according to a specific use case defined with Airbus, with a business success rate of 42%. This program has a duration of 6 months, and is divided into 3 phases:

  • First phase: analysis of business interest and market, with the consequent search for the largest possible customer acquisition.
  • Second phase: analysis of proposals.
  • Third phase: analysis of the business model and set up for startups and intra-entrepreneurs to work effectively.

In the last 3 years, the accelerator has incubated 50 startups and 40 internal Airbus projects within the Bizlabs based in Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany) and Bangalore (India). During the first season in Madrid, they have incubated 5 startups (, Daisho, Urban Data Eye, Botslovers and Unblur) and 3 internal projects (Fly-up, Back to Fly and Chainbus).


The registration period starts on May 7, 2019 and ends on July 7.

Applications can be submitted through its website or through the specific campaign. The Bootcamp Selection of the Madrid Campus will take place on 4 and 5 of September.


Ecosystem | Startups
AD&LAW, a spanish firm specialized in advising startups

AD&LAW was founded by Oliver von Schiller, Ignacio Wucherpfennig and Miguel Ángel Martínez at the end of 2009. Making use of all the technologies available in the market, they cover all the requirements of their clients from a financial, fiscal, accounting, payroll and legal perspective.

Startups | Spanish startups
Comunicae is making business communication easy and efficient

Comunicae is an online press release distribution service, that enables users to create, distribute and analyse their press releases, helping them promoting their businesses in a simple and effective way.

Ecosystem | Calls
Open the call for the 5th edition of the Airbus Bizlab program

The Airbus Bizlab is a global aerospace accelerator bringing together start-ups and Airbus’ own entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into valuable businesses more quickly. The call is already open and the registration period starts on May 7, 2019 and ends on July 7.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
Metxa the startup accelerator with an online program

Metxa is an accelerator of projects for entrepreneurs. Its objective is to invest in the projects selected to participate in their online acceleration program – Metxa BootCamp.

Investments | Spanish Ecosystem
April closes with record investment in startups: €280M

April breaks a new record with respect to the accumulated public investments in Spanish startups and is placed as the second highest monthly figure in the last four years in terms of investment: 280 million Euro, surpassed only by the 439 million Euro of August 2018 thanks to the stratospheric round of Letgo.

Investments | Ecosystem
Report on investment in Startups in Spain 2018-2019

The newspaper El Referente launches through its English magazine, StartupsReal, the platform’s first paid report, which analyzes the evolution of investment in Spain over the last three years (2016 to 2018). The report also identifies and thoroughly details the 100 most active Spanish investment funds and investors in recent years.

Investments | Ecosystem
Investments | Startups
Bdeo closes a € 1M round with the support of Big Sur Ventures and K Fund

In less than 2 years Bdeo has established presence in Europe and Latin America, collaborating with the main insurance companies in these markets, such as Mutua Madrileña and Zurich in Spain, Fidelidade in Portugal and BBVA Bancomer in Mexico.

Startups | Spain
iSalud helps you to find the best health insurance quickly and easily

Users can compare prices and coverage of the top insurance companies and quickly and easily subscribe an insurance policy either online or by phone by talking to one of the more than 60 advisers.

Startups | Spain
Ecosystem | Startups
Ecosystem | Startups
Rgtogether, the communication consultancy focused on startups

Rgtogether is a communications consultancy that specializes on corporate communications, offering customized solutions for startups, founded by Reyes González.

Startups | Spain
Clicpiso, the fast, easy and safe platform for apartment sales

Clicpiso, founded in 2017 by Francisco Moreno, provides the user the guarantee of immediacy and transparency of payment in the face of a real estate sector that tends to hamper such transactions.

Investments | Startups
February ends with 12 million Euro invested in Spanish startups

February is once again a very weak month in terms of public investment in Spain, achieving one of the worst records of the last 24 months, as the month ends with just over 12 million Euro invested in startups through a total of 7 operations.

Startups | Entrepeneurs
APEC, psychological therapy at home at an affordable price

APEC (Psychological Support at Home, Apoyo Psicológico en Casa in Spanish) is a social enterprise that intends to change the way we understand psychology.

Startups | Interviews
Dietox, healthy smoothies to reset the body

Dietox is the pioneer company in Spain for the realization of detox therapies based on healthy food: vegetables, fruit, legumes and cereals, among others.

Startups | Startups
CARTO is a platform that turns location data into business outcomes

Founded by Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez in 2012, CARTO is a leading location intelligence software headquartered in New York, with offices in Madrid, Washington, London and Estonia. Its portfolio of 2,000 customers includes BBVA, BCG, New York City and Twitter and it counts with over 300,000 users around the globe.