Airbus Bizlab

Airbus Bizlab is the accelerator and incubator from Airbus, the French civil aircraft construction company. Startups, small technology-based companies, and company employees with innovative ideas (intra-entrepreneurs) can participate to develop their projects and transform them into profitable businesses, both for themselves and for the company.

The accelerator offers a safe space, where entrepreneurs can develop their projects and ideas thanks to the support of dedicated coaches and mentors, weekly learning sessions, access to a space for creating prototypes and, also, a Demo Day with professionals from the company, partners, and venture capitalists. The accelerator also provides access to tools and knowledge and access to the entire Airbus network (experts, mentors and contacts), to create startups that generate business with the company so that internal projects are incorporated into the structure of the company.

In addition to the program, BizLab also offers €50,000 to implement a proof of concept, and payment is subject to the successful delivery of a prototype, according to a specific use case defined with Airbus, with a business success rate of 42%. This program has a duration of 6 months, and is divided into 3 phases:

  • First phase: analysis of business interest and market, with the consequent search for the largest possible customer acquisition.
  • Second phase: analysis of proposals.
  • Third phase: analysis of the business model and set up for startups and intra-entrepreneurs to work effectively.

In the last 3 years, the accelerator has incubated 50 startups and 40 internal Airbus projects within the Bizlabs based in Toulouse (France), Hamburg (Germany) and Bangalore (India). During the first season in Madrid, they have incubated 5 startups (, Daisho, Urban Data Eye, Botslovers and Unblur) and 3 internal projects (Fly-up, Back to Fly and Chainbus).


The registration period starts on May 7, 2019 and ends on July 7.

Applications can be submitted through its website or through the specific campaign. The Bootcamp Selection of the Madrid Campus will take place on 4 and 5 of September.


Ecosystem | Accelerators
Correos launches its 3rd edition of Lehnica Challenge to promote the development of 5 business projects

CorreosLabs launches the third edition of the Lehnica Challenge, a competition for innovative projects through which the Correos helps the development and implementation of startup projects with the aim of bringing added value to the market. In addition, this year, the company has explained that it will build a long-term relationship with the chosen startups. […]

Startups | Marketplace
Neting, the 1st App that creates networking teams

Neting App is the first networking team application that optimizes time and generates more business for users. The goal of this startup focuses on the creation of a digital networking channel with which users can sell their products and services in order to generate more business for your company, anywhere and even from a smartphone […]

October ends with an accumulated €32.11 M invested in Startups

October closed with 32.11 millions of euro invested in startups, in a total of 17 Spanish public operations, the amounts of two of which have not been made official. This figure puts the accumulated investment in technology so far in 2019 at 733.65 millions of euro, slightly less than the figure for 2018 at the end […]

EIT Digital Challenge finals award the 10 best European deep tech scaleups of 2019

EIT Digital has awarded the 10 best European Deep Tech companies in the EIT Digital Challenge scaleup contest 2019. A record number of 279 scaleups from 33 countries applied, representing a 40% growth with respect to 2018 and the highest country variety in the 6-year history of Europe’s flagship deep tech competition in digital. The […]

Startups | Fintech
Bnext, manages the user’s economy with a single application

Bnext, its based on a marketpalce of financial, insurance and travel-related products, all managed through a single account. The financial company also works with an electronic money institution regulated by the Bank of Spain.


Startups | Marketplace
GOI, the logistics operator with national network specialised in the transport of bulky goods

GOI is focused on the transport of bulky goods and has the aim to become the industry leader within the heavy and bulky last mile home delivery sector, initially in Spain and subsequently other international markets.

Startups | Marketplace
Nova, the tool to connect young professionals with entrepreneurs

Nova Spain, the Spanish branch of Nova Global, connects the world’s best young professionals and students, both through an online exclusive platform and offline through disruptive events. Most of these events, held by Nova, are based on “Design thinking” as a tool to meet the challenges of companies and NGO’s.

Acquisitions | Future Technologies
Lingbe, the mobile language practice App that allows users to call native speakers

Lingbe, a free language practice mobile app that allows users to call native speakers instantly, is announcing its official relaunch and the company’s acquisition by italki.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
Accelerators and awards with open calls for entrepreneurs and startups

El Referente has compiled in the following report all the initiatives looking for innovative companies in order to incorporate them into their programs. Some of them end on October, while others will remain open until November and December.

Investments | Fintech
ID Finance has surged past its 2.3 million euros Crowdfunding target on Crowdcube

Digital platform ID Finance has raised over 2 million euros at crowdfounding within a week to the moment, this amount will help the company to improve and developed the project among Europe and Latin American countries.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
Impulsa Vision Startups by RTVE has launched its 5th Edition

Impulsa Vision Startups, the accelerator program for startups by RTVE, has opened its 5th Edition for the presentation of projects that must be submitted by the end of December 22nd, 2019. It is a program for freelance professionals and startups whom want to take part in the startups ecosistem.

News | Events
The CBRE Proptech Challenge launches its 3rd Edition

CBRE has launched its Proptech Third Edition Challenge, first ever competition in Europe to seek out digital talent capable of revolutionising the world of real estate through creative and innovative ideas.

Startups | Future Technologies
Ecertic offers biometrics, OCR and digital signature services with proprietary technology

Ecertic is a leading Spanish digital transformation company focused on electronic contracting, online identity and digital signature with legal guarantee in all services.

Startups | Finance
Fundera and are helping businesses accessing opportunities

 Diego Soro (CEO) is the founder of, an online platform that aggregates public and private tenders worldwide, offering companies easy access to information and business opportunities. It is a recent addition to the original company Fundera, another of Soro’s projects, which focuses exclusively on aggregating information on public financing lines around the world. For […]

News | Events
10 business projects compete for the second edition of the Costa del Sol Tourism Awards

The ten projects that have successfully completed the acceleration phase of the third edition of the Costa del Sol Tourism Hub program will have the opportunity, on October 16, to access one of the three categories covered by the Costa del Sol Award for Entrepreneurial Tourism Initiatives, promoted by Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol and sponsored by the Unicaja Banking Foundation.

Ecosystem | Open calls
Acceleration calls focused on startups and entrepreneurs during the month of October 2019

Many corporations such as Abanca, Acciona, Iberdrola, Banco Sabadell, Bankia as well as specialized accelerators have decided to launch their acceleration calls after summer and all of them will coincide with the celebration of the South Summit in Madrid from 2 to 4 October, an important time of the year as the Spanish ecosystem is concentrated throughout the week in Madrid.

Startups | Spanish ecosystem
Internxt, the private and ecological cloud that competes with today’s security giants

Internxt is an innovative Spanish startup that is currently fighting against the environmental and privacy problems that society is experiencing. To do this, they have created X Cloud, a (cloud) storage tool like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox, which seeks to differentiate itself from its competitors in the levels of security and privacy offered to the user.

Ecosystem | Spanish startups
Crowdcube, equity crowdfunding platform helping ambitious businesses

Crowdcube was founded in the UK in 2011 by Darren Westlake and Luke Lang, and was Europe’s first equity crowdfunding platform. Westlake and Lang came up with the idea after watching a television programme called Dragon’s Den, in which entrepreneurs presented their startups to business angels to raise finance.

News | Spanish ecosystem
El Referente launches its fourth Investment Guide for Startups

The newspaper El Referente today released the fourth edition of the Investment Guide for Startups, now on sale on our online channels. After three years of growth in the number of guides sold, the magazine has once again opted for a 226-page edition in which it reviews all the agents in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem | Spanish startups
Nektria, the startup of sustainable e-commerce logistics

Nektria is a startup that develops SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions aimed at last mile for ecommerce, aligning the interests of online consumers, ecommerce, operators/logistics costs, and cities.

Investments | Investments
FlexiDAO raises a seven-digit seed round led by SET Ventures

FlexiDAO is a software provider in the energy sector founded in 2017 by energy engineers Simone Accornero (IT) and Grzegorz Bytniweski (PL) and by economist Joan Collell (ES). The three founders bring diverse experience from companies like Google, Bain & Company and Everis.

Ecosystem | Open Calls
Innovative startups can sign up for BIND 4.0 until September 13

The smart industry public-private startup accelerator, BIND 4.0, closes the registration period for its 4th edition on September 13. From 5 July, startups from all over the world can access the new edition of this program, with the support of the Basque Government’s business development agency, SPRI.

Investments | Spanish ecosystem
August ends with €13.52M of investment in startups, the second worst month of 2019

August closes with only six investment rounds and a cumulative €13.52M in investment, a very low figure that causes a drop in investment in startups in Spain at the end of the eighth month of the year.

Ecosystem | Spanish startups
Teltoo, the high quality and reliable streaming service

Teltoo is a platform that distributes high quality audiovisual content online. It is a peer-to-peer technology that helps broadcasters, ISPs and publishers improve the quality of their streaming services, increasing their bandwidth availability by up to 80%.

Startups | Marketplace
Supertech, the startup delivers products to your home in one hour

Supertech, the Spanish startup founded in 2015, has developed a technological tool that allows orders to be delivered in just one hour, efficiently and profitably, and that manages all e-commerce operations automatically.

Startups | Marketplace
SaludOnNet, the alternative marketplace for personalized health services

SaludOnNet is an online platform in the Healthcare sector where health services can be booked in more than 4,000 clinics and private hospitals in Spain at very low prices.

Startups | Spanish startups
C21 BeBrave’s watches and sunglasses marry style with Christianity

C21BeBrave is an ecommerce platform founded in 2015, selling watches, with interchangeable straps, and sunglasses. The fashion brand’s aim is to prove that “being Christian and enjoying life is compatible nowadays.”

Investments | Spanish ecosystem
July ends with €137M invested in Spanish startups

July closed with 137,027 million euros invested in startups in Spain, a very interesting figure but somewhat lower than the investment seen in the same month in 2018 (188.56 million euros). This figure reflects that the accumulated investment in Spain following the closing of the seventh month is maintained at very similar numbers to those seen last year.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
SeedRocket is the first Spanish accelerator for tech-based startups

SeedRocket is the first accelerator for technology-based startups in Spain. It provides training, investment and mentors to boost the startup growth, as well as coworking spaces in Barcelona and Madrid.

Startups | Public Relation and Talent
MGC&Co., a boutique studio that develops personalized communications strategies

MGC & Co. is a Public Relation and Talent boutique founded by Marian Gómez Campoy. This PR company privileges one-on-on personal relationship with every person they work with. Hence, the ‘boutique’ concept, which speaks to the intimate, rare and exceptional environment MGC&Co. offers.

Startups | Crowdsurfing platform
MilloLab, the startup from Zaragoza that specializes in technology for web plaforms

MilloLab is a company that provides technology to any startup, company or individual wishing to set up and manage their own crowdsurfing platform or campaign. It builds platforms of any type, including reward, equity and lending, to help clients successfully launch their projects and businesses into crowdsurfing.

Startups | Smart Investment
Housers: the startup that allows anyone to invest in real estate for as little as 50€

Housers is the first crowdfunding platform that allows buying property in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Its objective is to democratize real estate investment, and the platform offers transparent, simple, swift and secure processes, enabling anyone to choose how much (minimum investment is 50€), when and where to invest.

Startups | Spanish startups
Homologation Student Services places students at the university that best suits them

Homolgation Student Services is a company dedicated to offering help and advice to students wanting to study abroad. Founded in 2013 by Alejandro Casado, María Dolores Granados and Enrique Martos, the company assists students in finding the university course that best suits their needs and expectations, as well as managing the entire legal process.

Startups | Spanish startups
Spacestartup, the innovation supernova for entrepreneurs

Spacestartup helps startups in their commercial processes, providing both good planning and sales strategy, as well as one of the most differentiating characteristics: a professional team that accompanies the entrepreneur throughout the process. The company was born in 2018 thanks to the main actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, investors, accelerators, and consultants.

Startups | Business school
IEBSchool is the business school for entrepreneurs

In 2009, business angel and entrepreneur Óscar Fuente and financial management expert Susana López launched IEBS, the digital business school. A pioneering initiative at the time and in Spain, focused on business training applied to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Ecosystem | Lawyers
JDA offers more than 30 years of experience and international reach

JDA Assessors Consultors Professionals, or JDA, is a law firm, tax and labour advisors and business consultants with more than 30 years of experience. With more than 100 specialized professionals, JDA is one of the top ten professional services companies in Catalonia and occupies the 41st position among the top 100 professional firms in Spain, according to the Expansión 2018’s Lawyers.

Investments | Spanish ecosystem
Investment in 2019 continues to grow, June closes with €81.3M invested in startups in Spain

June does not slow down and maintains ascending constancy regarding investments in Spain, exceeding the figure of 81 million Euro invested in startups in our country in a total of 19 public operations. A figure that keeps alive the hopes of increasing investment this year (476,226 million Euro invested in Spanish technology) compared to 2018, the month ended with €431.3 million, a slightly lower figure.

Ecosystem | Spanish startups
WONOWO, the first and only collaborative economy search engine

WONOWO is the first sharing economy search engine created with the goal of bringing together all transport, accommodation and leisure options.

Ecosystem | Spanish ecosystem
We Are Knitters, the ecommerce that made knitting trendy

We Are Knitters is an ecommerce of knitting kits and wool crochet balls and 100% natural fibers from Peru, handcrafted needles and a pattern explaining all the steps in a very simple way, founded in 2011 by Pepita Marín and Alberto Bravo.

Startups | Spanish startups
Milingual is a far cry from what traditional learning used to be

Milingual is a social learning startup that breaks with the conventional way of learning languages taught at schools and academies, founded by brothers Andrés and Gabriel Pazos in 2015.

Startups | Spanish startups
On&Off is a PR agency that specializes in Technology and Startups

Juan A. Baños Martín founded On&Off, a Public Relations and Communications agency specialized in Technology, Startups and E-commerce at the end of 2009 to respond to a demand for public relations in the technology sector.

Startups | Spanish startups makes public engagement easier and more efficient

Kuorum is a comprehensive consultancy firm and SaaS that helps governments, companies and organizations carrying out participatory processes. The startup was launched in 2013 by Matías Nso, Iñaki Domínguez and José María García with €214k raised from angel investors, grants and convertible loans.

Investments | Spanish ecosystem
Verse closes a seed funding round for Euro7M led by Greycroft Partners LLC

Verse, the Fintech App for millennials, obtains European payment license and closes a seed funding round for Euro7M led by Greycroft Partners LLC and international investors to expand to other European markets such as Italy, France and Portugal.

Ecosystem | Open Calls
IAG launches its latest Hangar 51 start-up accelerator

International Airlines Group (IAG) has launched its latest Hangar 51 global innovation programme in collaboration with Iberia, Vueling and IAG Cargo. The initiative will be based in Spain for the second time after the huge success of its previous Spanish programme in 2017.

Startups | Equity crowdfunding
Fellow Funders, uniting investors with business potential

Fellow Funders is a professional equity crowdfunding platform that enables investors, both institutional and individuals, to invest in early stage companies. Every project liable for investment is submitted to a thorough process of scoring and assessment, developed by Fellow Funders.

Investments | Spanish Ecosystem
May ends with an accumulated €28.3M invested in Startups

May shows a decrease in investment in startups in Spain after the month ended with a cumulative 28.3 million Euro invested in a total of 13 operations and the hangover from April. Despite the fall in the cumulative investment in May, 2019 (€393.62m) continues to have a higher cumulative investment than 2018 (€333.16m).

Startups | Spanish startups
SumaCRM, the simplest and most innovative tool for customer management

SumaCRM is CRM platform focused on SMEs and small businesses, in other words, an online tool to manage customers. Its innovation lies not only in its simplicity but also in its usefulness.

Startups | Spanish Startups
Ontruck, an innovative short-haul freight transport company

Ontruck connects its customers with an extensive network of professional carriers, in order to provide a reliable and efficient delivery service, with the possibility of checking the status of each shipment in real time. Íñigo Juantegui, Gonzalo Parejo Navajas, Samuel Fuentes, Javier Escribano and Rika Christanto founded the company in 2016 to automate the process of assigning palletized loads to carrier vehicles.

Ecosystem | Lawyers
AD&LAW, a spanish firm specialized in advising startups

AD&LAW was founded by Oliver von Schiller, Ignacio Wucherpfennig and Miguel Ángel Martínez at the end of 2009. Making use of all the technologies available in the market, they cover all the requirements of their clients from a financial, fiscal, accounting, payroll and legal perspective.

Startups | Spanish startups
Comunicae is making business communication easy and efficient

Comunicae is an online press release distribution service, that enables users to create, distribute and analyse their press releases, helping them promoting their businesses in a simple and effective way.

Ecosystem | Calls
Open the call for the 5th edition of the Airbus Bizlab program

The Airbus Bizlab is a global aerospace accelerator bringing together start-ups and Airbus’ own entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into valuable businesses more quickly. The call is already open and the registration period starts on May 7, 2019 and ends on July 7.

Ecosystem | Accelerators
Metxa the startup accelerator with an online program

Metxa is an accelerator of projects for entrepreneurs. Its objective is to invest in the projects selected to participate in their online acceleration program – Metxa BootCamp.

Investments | Spanish Ecosystem
April closes with record investment in startups: €280M

April breaks a new record with respect to the accumulated public investments in Spanish startups and is placed as the second highest monthly figure in the last four years in terms of investment: 280 million Euro, surpassed only by the 439 million Euro of August 2018 thanks to the stratospheric round of Letgo.

Investments | Ecosystem
Report on investment in Startups in Spain 2018-2019

The newspaper El Referente launches through its English magazine, StartupsReal, the platform’s first paid report, which analyzes the evolution of investment in Spain over the last three years (2016 to 2018). The report also identifies and thoroughly details the 100 most active Spanish investment funds and investors in recent years.

Investments | Ecosystem
Investments | Startups
Bdeo closes a € 1M round with the support of Big Sur Ventures and K Fund

In less than 2 years Bdeo has established presence in Europe and Latin America, collaborating with the main insurance companies in these markets, such as Mutua Madrileña and Zurich in Spain, Fidelidade in Portugal and BBVA Bancomer in Mexico.

Startups | Spain
iSalud helps you to find the best health insurance quickly and easily

Users can compare prices and coverage of the top insurance companies and quickly and easily subscribe an insurance policy either online or by phone by talking to one of the more than 60 advisers.

Startups | Spain
Ecosystem | Startups
Ecosystem | Startups
Rgtogether, the communication consultancy focused on startups

Rgtogether is a communications consultancy that specializes on corporate communications, offering customized solutions for startups, founded by Reyes González.

Startups | Spain
Clicpiso, the fast, easy and safe platform for apartment sales

Clicpiso, founded in 2017 by Francisco Moreno, provides the user the guarantee of immediacy and transparency of payment in the face of a real estate sector that tends to hamper such transactions.

Investments | Startups
February ends with 12 million Euro invested in Spanish startups

February is once again a very weak month in terms of public investment in Spain, achieving one of the worst records of the last 24 months, as the month ends with just over 12 million Euro invested in startups through a total of 7 operations.

Startups | Entrepeneurs
APEC, psychological therapy at home at an affordable price

APEC (Psychological Support at Home, Apoyo Psicológico en Casa in Spanish) is a social enterprise that intends to change the way we understand psychology.

Startups | Interviews
Dietox, healthy smoothies to reset the body

Dietox is the pioneer company in Spain for the realization of detox therapies based on healthy food: vegetables, fruit, legumes and cereals, among others.

Startups | Startups
CARTO is a platform that turns location data into business outcomes

Founded by Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez in 2012, CARTO is a leading location intelligence software headquartered in New York, with offices in Madrid, Washington, London and Estonia. Its portfolio of 2,000 customers includes BBVA, BCG, New York City and Twitter and it counts with over 300,000 users around the globe.