Influencity is a software development company specialising in digital marketing, and specifically, in influencer marketing. We help brands and agencies to obtain greater visibility on the Internet, as well as increase their sales, through influential people called influencers.

We are a SaaS. We have a technological platform capable of: identifying influencers, measuring their influence, managing campaigns and measuring results. A software that we are evolutionarily developing according to our knowhow and the needs of the market. Our clients are final brands, advertising agencies and influencer representation agencies. Our goal is to create a successful company at a level and that can only be achieved with a great team. We believe in the potential of the people that form Influencity, the capacity for development and continuous learning, as well as the ambition, proactivity and the enthusiasm of all the members.

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Influencity, the software that develops Influencer Marketing campaigns

Influencity is a startup that uses a software to analyze millions of influencers to develop Influencer Marketing campaigns in a powerful and effective way. The company was founded in 2014 by Daniel Sánchez (CEO) and Clara Montesinos (Communication Director), who created the concept as a “meeting place” for influencers. Influencity was created from the idea […]