Ecertic offers biometrics, OCR and digital signature services with proprietary technology

  • Ecertic, biometrics, OCR and digital signature services

Ecertic is a leading Spanish digital transformation company focused on electronic contracting, online identity and digital signature with legal guarantee in all services. Ecertic’s objective is, basically, to offer advanced and flexible technological solutions aimed at improving the customer experience among the digital world.

The company was founded by Raul Tapias in 2015. Nowadays, Ecertic is part of the digital transformation sector and, moreover, digital identity and electronic contracting. The company was born as a concept –at the end of 2013-, when its founding partners, pioneers in biometric tech, decided to launch a project to create innovative products focused on business-client usability, compatibility and integrability with business systems.

What Ecertic does is “facilitate users the commercial access to any business sector”, has explained its founder.


Ensuring digital identity is key at a time when most business-to-consumer transactions are moving into the digital world. According to Acuity, by 2020 biometrics will be used to authenticate nearly 65% of the world’s digital transactions.

Ecertic is currently the only company in Spain that can offer biometrics, OCR and digital signature services with 100% proprietary technology. Therefore, not relying on third party technology provides two fundamental advantages, on the one hand, full knowledge of the components used, and on the other, flexibility.

Despite being one of the youngest companies in this sector, thanks to the investment on R&D&i, Ecertic has several of the most recognized and advanced products, as well as a hard-working corporate reputation. The company invests 30% of the development team’s time in search for new products, as the company is aware that in the technology sector a new product can become obsolete in less than two years.

The company’s activity based on digital transformation has being designed so to bring usability closer to the general public and provide transparency. All Ecertic products have full legal validity according to the electronic signature law and are approved by the Ministry of Industry as a Trusted Third Party.

Ecertic, that has been working just in Spain for a couple of year, has recently expanded its services during this year with projects in countries in Europe and South America. Its main objective is to consolidate its technological position as a reference point in national territory, as well as disseminate organic products in different countries and inaugurate other cases of use in the market.