Enxendra Technologies acquires Besepa, the fintech company that simplifies payment and collection processes

  • This acquisition also boosts one of the most important strategic focuses for Enxendra Technologies for 2019: establishing Docuten at an international level.

Enxendra Technologies, a Galician digital signature and electronic invoicing company has acquired Besepa, the fintech company specializing in company and organization banking. The aim of the acquisition is to completely digitize the business process of Enxendra clients; the integration of both companies is already underway.

Enxendra assured StartupsReal that “Besepa is undoubtedly the benchmark Spanish fintech company when it comes to payment collection, which is the service our clients required to complete the ones we already provided”. They added that “the incorporation of Alberto Molpeceres, one of the main Spanish experts in payment systems, is an extremely valuable strategic asset for Enxendra”. The Enxendra executives believe that “the cultures of the two companies and of their partners is quite aligned, which has facilitated coming to an agreement”.


Besepa, a company which has key ICT investors such as Cabiedes & Partners and François Derbaix on board, will be integrated with Enxendra, a company with headquarters in Coruña and Madrid. 

Brais Méndez, CEO of Enxendra Technologies, said: “Our priority is ensuring that the integration does not affect Besepa clients in the slightest, so they continue to receive the same quality service as always, and we can safely say that we are doing just that. In fact, the first thing we did is address Bespea clients to provide the guarantee of continued service and let them know that we are at their service”.

Enxendra has developed Docuten, the invoicing and digital signature platform that is used by large companies such as Desigual or Grupo Planeta to digitize the exchange of documents such as employment contracts, trade contracts and the invoicing process. The Besepa payment solution will be integrated with the Docuten services, the first platform on the market that offers digital signature and electronic invoicing together. Now, thanks to the acquisition of Besepa, Docuten features will be strengthened further, and thus the digitization needs of the whole cycle of an organization will be covered. 

This way the company’s main objective is reinforced, creating solutions that facilitate the flow and automation of the whole cycle of business documents: employment contracts, trade contracts, issuance and receipt of invoices, and now payments and collections. 

This acquisition also boosts one of the most important strategic focuses for Enxendra Technologies for 2019: establishing Docuten at an international level, “which will be accelerated thanks to this new service”, according to the company CEO. “Our international expansion, especially in the UK and Germany, is strengthened because we can offer a unique portfolio of additional services.Thanks to this we can position ourselves as a digital transformation agent that helps companies optimize the whole business cycle of organizations,” he states.

Digital transformation is the undisputed core of both companies, which is why Alberto Molpeceres, Co-founder of Besepa, insists: “What drew us to Enxendra is that its value proposal is very in tune with the core of our business. The integration of both corporations will offer significant added value to our clients”. Alberto will continue working on the project as the Payment Product Manager.