Finutive, the benchmark online consultancy for startups


What is Finutive? It is an online consultancy for all types of entrepreneurs that specializes in startups that is revolutionizing the ecosystem of consultancy companies in Spain.

Thanks to its digitalization and its own platform, Finutive allows routine and daily tasks to be carried out in a much shorter time so that both consultants and clients can focus on what really matters and what they need. And all from the comfort of their home on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. No paperwork, no face-to-face meetings.

From the company itself they clarify that “it is not at all a billing program; it is a complete online consulting service with highly qualified professionals behind it that cover every area a company needs.

We use automation to provide a more qualified service that does not require work by the end customer beyond issuing and uploading invoices or connecting banks”.


Gonzalo Fernandez, CEO of Finutive, and Guillermo Lopez founded this company in March 2017. “In three years and during a global pandemic, we have managed to grow to more than 500 clients and to increase our workforce from 4 to 25 people this past year,” the entrepreneurs say.

The name of the startup is the combination of the words “finance” and “intuitive”. The aim was to create a consultancy firm completely different from conventional models where clients could understand what was being done with their money and taxes. While working at one of the big four accounting firms, Gonzalo and Guillermo realized that many clients did not know what was being done with their taxes or why certain things were being presented until they were done. “It’s like going to a shop and the person in charge sells you a T-shirt that they choose, charge you for it, put it in your bag and you can’t see it until you get home. Illogical and surreal,” they explain.

With this premise they have become a consultancy firm with all the services of a traditional agency, but with the convenience of working online and with full transparency between client and consultant. Finutive offers a complete service for entrepreneurs, making their first two years of business easier thanks to continuous advice. They have different plans adapted to each need, such as their special rate for startups looking for financing.

From Finutive they clarify: “We do not have one person who does everything, but each client has all the specialized advisors they need (labor, accounting, legal, assistance, etc.) And each one carries out the part they are trained in. We believe that specialization and personalization is the key to good work”.


This specialization is precisely one of the improvements that the company has undergone during its course. The platform with which they and their clients work has also evolved, making it increasingly more intuitive, easier to use and more convenient.

The best part. For a few months now, Finutive has been the online consultancy firm that Banco Santander trusts. Thus, it has become part of its ONE DIGITAL project, an initiative that promotes the digitalization of companies, within the framework of the ONE project. “To think that among all the digital consultancy solutions, a bank with such prestige as this one has chosen us gives us that boost that is sometimes necessary. Our efforts have results and this is a boost of encouragement for the whole team”, concluded Gonzalo and Guillermo.