Fotawa, the success story of the food delivery business, is expanding to other cities

  • Their motto, and the reason for their success, is offering healthy, original and delicious food, delivered to your office in 15 minutes

Fotawa is a food delivery specializing in delicious, balanced food prepared by chefs. The startup was born in 2016 by the hand of Virginia Tortosa and Iván Cayuela and with the support of the accelerator Demium startups.

Fotawa is one of the few startups to successfully make a name for itself in the food delivery business. Their motto, and the reason for their success, is “offering healthy, original and delicious food, delivered to your office in 15 minutes”.


Fotawa was created to solve the major problems plaguing the foodtech sector – quality, time, cost and easy accessibility. Fotawa offers high quality food at low cost, with balanced and healthy recipes supervised by nutritionists. All under the premise of delivering food in a record time of 15 minutes.

The company provides a balanced way of eating without the user having to pay an excessive price for it. You can eat for very competitive prices: dishes starting at 6.95€, desserts and drinks at 1.95€.


To date, the Fotawa has obtained more than 120,000 euros in investment, thanks to the participation of companies such as Encomenda, Intelectium and Sitka Capital, or well-known private investors like Carlos Blanco, Lanai and Albert Feliu. They are currently preparing for the third round of investment.

Their business model is based on obtaining a 20% margin ​​on each dish cooked and distributed. In less than one year this food delivery business has shown great results with a 30% average MoM growth. Its goal is to double that by owning its own kitchen.

The startup from Barcelona targets professionals working urban areas who are increasingly looking for quality, healthy food without the long delivery times, minimum orders or time investment in the kitchen. So far, it has successfully developed a loyal customer base, with some purchasing 3 times or more per week.

“The team is the secret ingredient of our recipe for success”, they tell us. The Fotawa family is growing, including delivery people and kitchen staff, which are two key elements in the business.

Fotawa continues to grow in Barcelona, the city where it was founded, but it is also preparing its expansion to Madrid and Valencia for the near future. As for 2019, their goal is to take the international leap by expanding into the main European capitals.


Fotawa’s founders leave some precious advice to anyone thinking of launching a startup project: “Do not leave for tomorrow the search for funding because it might be too late. Know what you are looking for and how far you are willing to go, having your runaway clear at all times. Invest in attractive sales material to pitch your product and track potential investors”

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