GoHub invests 700,000 euros in Onirix, the ‘no-code’ augmented reality startup


Onirix, startup specialized in developing augmented reality content, has just closed a financing round of €700,000 led by GoHub, Global Omnium’s corporate venturing fund specializing in deep tech.

Throughout its first operation so far in 2022, GoHub strengthens its commitment to B2B SaaS models and emerging technologies such as no-code/low-code. The investment will allow Onirix to increase its investment in R&D to position itself as a benchmark in augmented reality content creation platforms.

The startup has developed a platform with no code technology that allows anyone to create augmented reality content intuitively and without prior knowledge of programming. Through its no-code solution, Onirix makes it easy to create and publish any type of augmented reality content without the need to write lines of code. In addition, it manages to measure the impact and response of its audience. 

Thanks to its technology and its intuitive interface, the user has maximum autonomy to create the content they want, without having to worry about how to develop it. Currently, the tool is used by important firms in the tourism, hospitality, retail, and marketing agencies sectors, as well as large corporations such as Red Eléctrica de España, EDP, Capital Energy, Red Cross, Unilever or KPMG.

Pedro Sáez, CEO of Onirix: “We were looking for someone who understood deeptech, didn’t think in the short term and from whom we could also learn. Someone who would follow us in future rounds and be a benchmark in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. And all of this is fulfilled by GoHub. We are fortunate to bring into our ‘family’ a partner that we are sure we will feel comfortable with, and push Onirix to a new level.”

Patricia Pastor, managing director of GoHub: “We invest in Onirix not only because we are convinced that augmented reality is a key technology that will have a direct impact on all areas of society, but also because we are committed to low code or no-code tools as the key that will allow us to move away from the vision of technical talent as a scarce commodity. Thanks to Onirix, the industry will have a greater offer and quality when it comes to providing augmented reality services”.