INDYA closes a round of more than one million euros with elite athletes


The technology company INDYA has closed the round of more than one million euros. The exponential growth and the results of the amortization of the first round, of 200,000 thousand euros, have made independent investors, professional athletes and venture capital have turned to the project in this second round. 

This million euros will be used to increase the team by hiring senior profiles in different areas as before, improve the app and its technology and start expanding to other countries. 

Iker Casillas together with Rudy Fernández enter becoming shareholders and thus supporting Spanish entrepreneurship. After multiple analyses, both athletes have entered, through SportBoost, the sports startup accelerator, in INDYA.

“I am very happy to join the INDYA project where technology and nutrition meet to improve the sports performance of amateur and professional athletes. INDYA aims to popularize and promote knowledge of nutrition in a personalized way to know in detail the needs of each athlete”, Iker Casillas, former soccer player

It is the first investment at a sporting level by Rudy Fernández. One of the main reasons they invest is their commitment to personal care and nutrition in particular. For this reason, at 37 years old, he continues to be a benchmark in the Spanish basketball team and in Real Madrid. 

“The entry of Iker Casillas and Rudy Fernández is a fundamental boost for us. Having the knowledge of elite athletes like them and their support means that the end user of our app has access to technology and information until now only available to a few”, comments Javier Guerrero, CEO of INDYA.

Other notable investors in this round are Pau Gasol, Alex Rins and Andrè Ramalho. And Aleix Espargaró continues betting from the first round. 

“I am very happy to be part of the INDYA project. I think it is revolutionizing the world of sports nutrition in the motor world, introducing the concept of “pilot telemetry”, and I think that this revolution can be extrapolated to any type athlete, regardless of their level or discipline.

In addition, INDYA’s human team is made up of great professionals and people, and by combining the spectacular technology behind the platform with this human quality, I have no doubt that together we will achieve all the goals we set for ourselves”, declares Alex Rins, motorcycle racer.

“I am a big fan of nutrition, a big fan of INDYA, because it also seems to me that bridging or closing this gap between nutrition and the beliefs of the diets of elite athletes, athletes who are not so pro, more from the street than there are more and more, I think it is something very necessary”, Aleix Espargaró, motorcycling driver.

“For a few years it has been possible to notice that soccer is not only for Brazilian soccer players. Football is for true athletes and today just having talent is not enough. You have to be an athlete 24 hours. They are huge routes, a lot of impact, it requires a lot of recovery where nutrition is a very important factor in any sport but in football with the intensity that can be seen in matches it is very clear that it has an increasingly important role”, André Ramalho, PSV soccer player.

Draper B1, a Spanish venture capital with an international vision, enters as lead investor for this round. His entry into the company paves the way for a future internationalization. “We focus on startups that demonstrate talent and exponential growth with a solid foundation. INDYA already has the bases of talent, product and clients to think at that next level”, affirms Enrique Penichet, founding partner of Draper B1.

In turn, they co-invest agents from the investment ecosystem such as Wayra or Bankinter, through the Bankinter Innovation Foundation.

“From SportBoost we consider very important the development and transformation of the product that INDYA is carrying out. We believe in the integration of all the information available in the devices that athletes use on a daily basis, and that is where we see the true potential of the tool.”, 

“Since we learned about the work they do at INDYA, we have been completely in love not only with what INDYA is today but with that vision of what it is going to be. That intersection between technology, data, nutrition and sport because we really think that’s where things are going to happen. They are building one of the companies that are going to transform the industry” Javier Megias, Bankinter Innovation Foundation. 

“At Wayra we are excited to invest in INDYA, a startup that shows how technology improves people’s lives. With its solution, it is revolutionizing the world of sports, helping to improve the performance of all athletes, even the most amateur”, explained Paloma Castellano, director of Wayra Madrid.

INDYA, a Valencian company, has been in the nutrition and two years ago it made the technological leap to become the reference application in Spain for nutrition and performance. It has worked with professional athletes and now, through technology, it makes that knowledge available to any athlete’s mobile. Its use among these amateur athletes is becoming viral who take care of themselves as professionals to face their sporting challenges, both in athletics, cycling, basketball, motor sports and other sports.

Now, with the round closed, Javier Guerrero, focuses on strengthening the team that grows every day: “We have grown a 400% in subscribers since the first round. We have gone from being 10 in 2020 to 26 today. For us, the team is fundamental and we want We are going to grow meaningfully and all with the same objective and focus: to put nutrition on the podium, essential to improve that sports performance that all of us who practice sports, from amateurs to professionals, seek”.