Jotelulu closes a financing round with Big Sur Ventures and Bankinter


They aspire to digitize and upload to the cloud to micro and small companies, but they know that there is only one way to achieve it and the key is in the computer science companies of a lifetime. The small IT company is the technological benchmark of the SME, they have earned their trust and currently it is the only one that can serve you with the proximity that it demands. For all this, Jotelulu has developed a cloud services platform that helps transform small IT companies into cloud providers, allowing them to offer multiple services to their clients with their own brand and prices.

Thanks to this platform, IT companies can carry out in a very simple and centralized way all the sales, technical, administrative and legal processes for the commercialization of cloud services. Information technology companies access the platform, register their clients and contract the services they need for each client, based on a pay-per-use model. In the words of the CEO of Jotelulu, David Amorín: “We believe that by making it easy for IT companies, we can reach where no one is capable, to micro and small companies, practically 90% of our productive fabric,” he adds.

Now, they have just closed their first round of financing, reinforcing their structure with partners such as Big Sur Ventures and Bankinter, which collaborates through its Venture Capital Program developed together with the Bankinter Innovation Foundation. The investment of 1 million euros will be used to launch new services (virtual switchboard, online backup, etc.), increase the number of functionalities, seek excellence in terms of security and begin internationalization in Europe and LATAM.

“Jotelulu solves a fundamental problem that small IT companies have been facing for several years: how to sell cloud services to micro-SMEs while being competitive and efficient,” says José Miguel Herrero, Founding Partner of Big Sur Ventures. “For the first time, we see cloud access and actual small business digitization feasible. We are delighted to be able to support and accompany Jotelulu and its entire team in this new phase of growth ”, adds Juan Moreno Bau, General Director of Fundación Innovación Bankinter.

Very focused on growth

After growing more than 200% during the last year, the Jotelulu team wants more, and ensures that its objective is, first, to strengthen the Spanish market, and then to start its international adventure. “The idea is to start the internationalization process in early 2022 in Europe. It is a region where cloud services are already mature and the needs of small IT companies are similar to those we find in Spain”, says David Amorin. “Immediately after, we will try to make the leap to LATAM”, he said.

They also contemplate a very ambitious plan at the level of product development, with important improvements in the platform itself and new services. “The idea is not only to grow at the market level but to offer much more to our customers, more services, more functionalities, more security.” affirms Amorin. “Our focus is IT companies, we want to continue solving the pains of the sector and enter the world of communications with new services such as the virtual switchboard, which by the way will see the light soon” he adds.

Five years behind an idea

After years selling consulting services and IT support to micro and small businesses and after acquiring a great knowledge about the problems faced by IT companies, in 2016 Jotelulu emerged. “We tested everything, tools, cloud platforms… everything. And we didn’t come up with anything that would really solve our day-to-day problems. ” David explains. “That’s where the idea of creating Jotelulu came from.” The maturation of the cloud in Spain, the current situation and the new needs of the IT world have driven the growth of the startup, obtaining, during the last year, sustained monthly growth rates close to 20%. For this 2021 they hope to double the turnover, always faithful to its three fundamental pillars: making things easy, giving competitive prices that leave a profit margin and seeking excellence in customer service.