Kasaz Closes €1.1 Million in Pre-Seed Funding


The Real Estate portal Kasaz continues to prosper. From its inception in 2017 to today, the Spanish startup is leaving its mark in the real estate sector.

From the beginning their mission was clear to them: They were going to lead the change and improve the sector. Spain needed quality portals such as the US or UK sites, and Sébastien Marion, CEO and Founder of Kasaz, together with, at the time, his partner Idriss, bet on this.

They had one objective, they wanted to build a modern, intuitive, easy-to-use portal that would put the user experience at the center.

Now, after successfully overcoming the first step: closing a pre-seed funding round for 1.1 million euros, they see that passion and the pursuit of quality will take them there. And there is no doubt that they are proud of it.


From the first day that Kasaz was launched till last week, it has been possible to close a pre-seed round with a total of 1.1 million euros, which makes it one of the largest pre-seed rounds ever closed by a Spanish startup.

The hard work of all the team members has made the real estate portal become a European reference in the world of proptech,  being the fastest growing real estate platform in Europe, growing by 1800% in number of properties in recent months.

But now is the time to keep growing. For this reason, the Barcelona company is preparing to open a new round of financing (seed), in 2021.


Kasaz is positioning itself to be the Trulia of Europe: a modern real-estate portal full of useful information and with amazing UX to make it easy to find a home. What’s more, they verify properties, which means no fake listings, no duplicates and precise location. For Europe, this is a big deal.

Kasaz is the next generation of property portals in Europe.