Milingual is a far cry from what traditional learning used to be

Milingual founders
  • Students learn the language of their choice at some of the city’s coolest bars.

Milingual is a social learning startup that breaks with the conventional way of learning languages taught at schools and academies.

Languages aren’t taught in classrooms. Instead, they are taught at some of the city’s coolest bars and cafes. Students get together with native teachers and practice a language of their choice over a free drink.

The start-up was founded by brothers Andrés and Gabriel Pazos. Andres had studied computer engineering and then completed an MBA at IE Business School, and had worked in different international companies. He had also founded Bidrink, an app for night-time leisure.

Gabriel had studied a double degree in Industrial Engineering in France and Spain and then did an MA in project management. He is also a professor at EAE Business School and previously worked at Tecnatim, a high tech company in the energy field. Andrés and Gabriel founded Milingual in October 2015, after trying out different projects.

“Milingual was one of the earliest pioneers of the social learning model in Spain,” they tell El Referente. “With the surge in demand for English in Spain, a lot of academies and institutes sprang up over the last decade. However, they all ignored a crucial aspect of Spanish culture – that the Spanish in general are a social people and love going out and meeting friends.

The name was a play of words: ‘Mi-lingual’ translates to ‘my language,’ which reflects that students get to learn the language of their choice at their convenience and the way they want. It’s also a hat trip to the term bilingual, which every language learner aspires to be.

Milingual was a finalist in different entrepreneur awards including Internet Day 2014, and was selected by Telefonica Wayra’s programme Open Future among others.

Milingual started off in Madrid, Spain in 2016 and has expanded to the UK, with presence in London, Manchester and Liverpool.