Quadram Mobile Venture, a new model of investment for startups

Quadram Mobile Venture
  • Acting as Tech Angels, Quadram Mobile Venture offers startups technological investment

Quadram Mobile Ventures is an initiative launched by Quadram with the objective of helping startups, during their early stages, with capital, technology development and fundraising. It is not an acceleration program. It is a Tech Angel, a figure halfway between a business angel and a CTO, which provides startups with technological investment.


Quandram Mobile Ventures relies on Quadram’s vast knowledge, experience and expertise about digital and mobile technology. Founded in 2009 by Carlos Rodriguez, Victor Jimeno, Elena Herrero and Jorge Ardá, Quadram has over nine years of experience designing and launching digital products to the market.

The company’s focus is 100% on mobile, offering custom mobile solutions for businesses. Quadram builds the complete production of any digital product, but can add value at any stage of the process, from analysis and conceptualization of an app, to more advanced stages like User Experience, Frontend and Backend Development, ASO (App Store Optimization). It also offers strategies for launching apps. As mobile developing company, Quadram has a B2B business model, where they get paid for the services provided.


After realizing that many startups struggle when it comes to developing and successfully launching their products to the market, Quadram created Quadram Mobile Ventures, which functions as a technological partner for startups. However this program provides more than just technology. It also offers knowledge, mentoring and operational assistance to early-stage entrepreneurs, helping them turning an idea into a sustainable and successful business.


With Quadram Mobile Venture, Quadram is actively seeking promising startups and attractive projects to invest in. Over the past two years, Quadram Mobile Ventures has implemented this model of investment, selecting only four startups per edition to ensure maximum involvement with each of them. In addition to advice, Quadram defines and conceptualizes the essential feature of the product with the startup and continue working towards improving the product. Some of the startups they invested in include Duneed, Loodop and Wazypark.

With this model, Quadram ensures entrepreneurs have a trusted technological partner, with the knowledge and capacity to resolve the risks and technical uncertainties that may arise as projects progress. This allows entrepreneurs to focus their efforts and resources towards increasing the number of users and improve metric for future rounds of investment.

Quadram, on the other hand, is looking to share revenues or multiply its initial investment, in future rounds of investment a startup may participate in.

Although most of Quadram’s clients and partners are from Spain, they are a company of global reach, having already worked for corporations and entrepreneurs from around the world, including Dubai, Miami, New York, Rome and London.