Moonoa raises €1.5m in funding to fight against insomnia with a fully digitalised therapeutic programme

  • 49% of the population has had more or less severe insomnia problems in the last twelve months. These figures have grown by more than 20% since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moonoa, the solution against insomnia problems and to improve quality of life, has closed a €1.54m seed round. The round was led by Seedrocket 4founders, an early-stage investor in Holded and The Hotels Network. Participating in the round are K Fund (Abacum, Goin) as well as prestigious business angels such as Eneko Knorr (ticketbis), Albert Armengol (doctoralia), Albert Serrano (Veepee), Mario Bruggeman (, Jose Marcilla (CEO Novartis), Jesus Moleon (Offerum, Trovit) and Marek Fodor (Atrapalo), among others. 

More than half of the population reports suffering from sleep disorders. The consequences have increased stress, depression, irritability and difficulties in managing emotions. But also an increase in cardiovascular diseases or obesity. About 100,000 deaths per year are attributed to sleep problems in Europe alone. Sleep is essential for our health. It plays a fundamental role in the regulation of our body, our mental and physical health as well as the integrity of our immune system. 

Moonoa is an application that allows our clients to improve the quality of their sleep in a few weeks in a sustainable way, without medication. For this, we use the digitalisation of CBT-i (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia). In our app, they receive the essential tools to improve their sleep quickly, durably and naturally as well as to regain the ability to sleep autonomously, without medication or side effects. 

They visualise their progress through the app to follow the evolution of their night’s quality. They also have access to our psychologists who help them to follow the programme and to more than 1,000 different contents to improve their quality of life. Every month they receive food supplements according to their profile to improve their wellbeing.

This therapy has been developed by renowned sleep doctors in Spain and France, as well as being collected and validated in more than 100 scientific research articles. Moonoa is exclusively based on science and data to personalise the experience of its clients at all times. 

Thanks to this therapy, the results are quite evident as patients’ insomnia is 80% reduced in the long term, with 95% reporting better sleep within a few weeks. 

The company is run by the four co-founders, Pablo Szefner, an internet entrepreneur for 20 years in travel and fashion, Caroline Jacquet and Fanny Dubrule, former directors of Techstyle, one of the most successful ecommerce companies, and David Rodriguez Ureña, founder of Webimpacto, the most important ecommerce development agency in Spain. 

Comment from Pablo, CEO and co-founder of Moonoa : “Our platform arises as a response to the drama of insomnia and its exponential growth with the emergence of Covid-19. Telemedicine has several advantages over traditional medicine as it facilitates access, reduces costs and significantly reduces waiting times. We are excited to bring new partners into the project, to execute our vision and to help more people have a better quality of life.”