Nova, the tool to connect young professionals with entrepreneurs

Nova Founders
  • Most disruptive events held by Nova are based on “Design Thinking” as a tool to meet the challenges of companies and NGOs.
  • Nova is proud of having a number of entrepreneurs among its members, including the founders of Pompeii, Flip, Geeksphone, Neupic and Pich Technologies.

Nova Spain, the Spanish branch of Nova Global, connects the world’s best young professionals and students, both through an online exclusive platform and offline through disruptive events. Most of these events, held by Nova, are based on “Design thinking” as a tool to meet the challenges of companies and NGO’s.

On the one hand, Nova Global is the first platform created by Ramon Rodrígañez and Jaime Chart. It is a spanish brand with 700 members on its team and 15 partners, inclusing BCG, McKinsey, L’Oreal, Iberdrola, Gestcamp, BBVA and Telefonica. On the other hand, Nova’s spanish branch, Nova Spain, is proud, as its founders has said, to have a number of entrpreneurs among its members, including the founders of Pompeii, Flip, Geeksphone, Neupic, and Pich Technologies.

Nova works the following way: both, members and employers, pass through a selection process to ensure quality. Members can only enter Nova if they are recommended by another member, their company or university, if it is a partner. Each member can invite up to three people they think would belong to Nova.

According to CEO Ramón Rodrigáñez, “This is the only way to grow exponentially without using up massive resources to find talent”. At the same time, Nova members play a fundamental role in the creation of the platform, “which makes them the owners of the network and increases their commitment”.


Nova’s aim is also to icnrease innovation and job-creation, and help companies to diversify their talent pools. Becoming a member is free of charge and companies are charged to help with improving their employer branding, hiring the best candidates and innovating and overcoming challenges.

“The objective is to create a network with the best young professionals so that they can collaborate, find inspiration and push society forwards”, has said Nova’s CEO. “If you give people with the most enthusiasm and skills the right tools, they can help to make this place a better place.

Nova Spain invested 3.000 euros and received 50.000 euros from Nova Global, and is currently looking forward to meet up other countries’ startups ecosystem. Its aim is to keep growing organically, aiming for more than 1.000 members and 25 more partners by the end of the year.