Ironhack, teaching developers to face the 21st century

Ironhack founders Madrid
  • Ariel and Gonzalo launched their project with a modest budget of 25k, but raised 2,7M€

Ironhack is one of the world’s top-ranked coding and design schools specialized on web development. With a focus on education, Ironhack offers intensive programming courses for developers and entrepreneurs that take place in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Miami.

They believe the skills they teach “will be fundamental to build things in the 21st century,” and therefore offer trainings for students who want to master the Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 languages. After those trainings, the students are able to develop apps by using Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and Xcode

What makes Ironhack genuine is their vision. For them, the most important thing is to put the student “at the center of everything” and to ensure that they teach skills which are highly demanded by the market.

Founded by Ariel Quiñones and Gonzalo Manrique in 2013, Ironhack has managed to become a key player in the web-developing world thanks to their courses, which range from 3 to 6 months. In addition to this formal education system, Ironhack is also a place where best practices and agile methodologies that are applicable in real-world settings are taught.


They pay a special attention to how their students will face the labor market once they finish their course, in line with their focus on high return on investment (ROI) education. For that reason, they also provide their students with access to their network of partners, which is always in constant expansion.

Ariel and Gonzalo launched their project with a modest budget of 25k, but raised 2,7M€ through an investment round led by JME Venture Capital  where Ticketbis’ founders also participated.

As part of their international mission, Ironhack’s founders have an ambitious goal for the coming months: to start opening campus all around the world. Nevertheless, they have already managed to organize a bootcamp in Mexico, that will take place between January and March 2018. But there’s more: they also plan to launch a new product really soon.