Pridatect raises €1M thanks to Encomenda and ESADE BAN

Pridatec, spanish startup
  • The platform, which is 100% online, uses very intuitive digital environments

Pridatect has closed a financing round of one million Euro that was backed by Encomenda Smart Capital, ESADE BAN and renowned German investment companies. The startup offers the most comprehensive and versatile solution for generating and maintaining all documents and processes in compliance with the new GDPR legal framework for processing agencies, consulting firms, lawyers and data protection experts.

The investment of more than 1 million Euro will be used to expand the business to countries such as Germany, where it already has a subsidiary, and the UK. Meanwhile, the company intends to continue consolidating itself in the Spanish market, where it is already the most comprehensive solution and the one that is best rated by users.


“Our objective is to continue growing in the Spanish market, continue with our commercial expansion in Europe and carry on developing and updating the platform to provide a complete solution for any need that exists in the Data Protection compliance sector.  With this significant investment, not only will we add resources to the project, but we will also surround ourselves with important profiles that can accelerate this international expansion and growth”, explained David Casellas, co-founder and Managing Director of Pridatect.

With the online SAAS platform created by Pridatect, professionals in the sector can automate processes and enter client data, whether using the more than 400 templates that are generated according to industry and case or uploading own templates and documents. The platform, which is 100% online, uses very intuitive digital environments, which allows to significantly speed up the tasks of generating, reporting, and updating GDPR documentation, as well as documenting and keeping all records updated.

With this solution, all documentation is generated and the time for companies to adapt to the GDPR is reduced by up to 80%, depending on the complexity of the client. Also, the platform has Permanent Legal Support and allows to deliver documentation to the end client with a white label, via secure remote onlineaccess that contains the strictest security measures provided by the European data protection regulation.