Ricari participates in the capital increase of the crowdfunding platform Socilen


Socilen has raised, through its online platform, more than 3,500,000 euros to finance 138 projects initiated by small and medium enterprises.

The amount financed comes from a growing community of 3,645 investors. These investors make financial contributions in order to make their money profitable and, at the same time, support the business fabric. It is an alternative and complementary financing system to the traditional banking model.

The need for new sources of financing is evidenced by the following data: there are 41,015 companies and individuals registered on the platform as financing applicants. The company has received funding requests worth € 254 million, with an average of 800 new projects each month.

On the other hand, the platform’s investors have an average return above 9%.

Ricari, company dedicated to providing financing to companies that carry out their activity in La Rioja, actively supports this innovative initiative as part of its shareholders.

Socilen is a participatory financing platform that operates within the crowdlending sector. It is authorized and registered by CNMV since October 2016 with number 9. Its technology allows investors to access opportunities that generate profitability, and companies to obtain financing via loans.