Seaya and Pelion Green Future invest €2 million in Samara to accelerate the clean energy transition


Samara, the solar energy company that goes beyond self-consumption, has raised a €2 million pre-seed round to accelerate the clean energy transition of households, and accompany them towards smarter, more efficient and more sustainable energy consumption. The round is led by Seaya —the leading European and Latin American Venture Capital fund behind unicorns such as Wallbox, Glovo and Cabify— and Pelion Green Future —an independent investment holding focused on clean energy, technology and climate-related solutions.

The company was founded by Iván Cabezuela —ex-Country Manager of Bulb in Spain and ex-Amazon and Uber— and Manel Pujol —ex-Country Manager of Uber Eats and Alan in Spain— two entrepreneurs with experience scaling and operating high-growth technology companies.

Differential values: proximity, personalization and professionalism

Samara’s business model goes beyond the technical installation of equipment, as it offers a comprehensive advisory service provided by energy managers and engineers who use technology to facilitate the process, both financially and logistically. With this, the differential value of the company compared to other companies in the Spanish energy sector lies in factors such as:

● Transparency and personalization. The client receives a 100% personalized proposal adapted to the needs of the household, taking into account its current and future consumption, as well as the geographical factors

●  Long-term active advice. Samara offers an excellent, close and professional service. “Our engineers and energy managers actively accompany the user throughout the process. We combine digital tools for the installation and maintenance with the human factor to offer a complete experience,” explains Manel Pujol, Co-Founder of Samara

●  Boosting the use of renewable energies. Samara seeks to help Spanish households fight the climate crisis and reduce their CO2 emissions through solar energy

●  Solar energy for everyone. Samara empowers homeowners in a sector traditionally monopolized by large companies. “We want the customer to become a small producer, facilitating their energy independence through digital tools and advice from our experts,” says Pujol.

Advantages of “Samara energy”

By accompanying households in their transition to a more efficient energy model, Samara seeks to “help people save up to 70% on their electricity bills. Self-supply reduces dependence on external factors, a benefit that makes even more sense if we take into account the unstable context that currently surrounds the energy market,” says Iván Cabezuela, Co-Founder of Samara.

In addition to the economic savings, there is also a sustainability component. “Households are increasingly aware of the fight against climate change, and self-consumption has a positive environmental impact: by producing and consuming their own solar energy, an average household avoids the emission of 1.2 tons of CO2 per year,” explains Cabezuela. The use of clean and renewable energies has become a priority for many people, and Samara offers the means and advice needed to adopt them.

The company estimates that “With an installation of 10 solar panels, an average household generates over 80% of the energy it consumes. In addition, the energy produced that is not consumed can be sold back to the grid, thus generating even more savings.”

“We are very pleased to support Manel, Ivan and the Samara team in their mission to accelerate the adoption of solar energy in households,” says Carlos Fisch, Seaya’s investment director, “this investment reinforces our commitment to support exceptional founders who have a clear mission and purpose, and are committed to long-term sustainable growth,” he adds.