Supertech, the startup delivers products to your home in one hour

  • Supertech is backed by Telefónica Open Future and has received the Correos Labs award in the First Lehnica Challenge.
  • Sánchez Romero Supermercados has started to use Supertech’s technology for the launch of its e-commerce.

Supertech, the Spanish startup founded in 2015, has developed a technological tool that allows orders to be delivered in just one hour, efficiently and profitably, and that manages all e-commerce operations automatically.

In this way, retailers can match the big companies in the sector and compete with them to offer their products in a very short time. They can also reduce logistics costs considerably, thanks to the fact that this platform is also synchronized with the partner chosen by the customer. Supertech has an agreement with Correos, but its technology allows it to work with any other logistics company that enables deliveries in a single day and even adapts to the client’s own fleet.


The latest client to enter Supertech’s portfolio–a company backed by Telefónica, among other entities and investors–was Sánchez Romero Supermercados. This chain has used the tool to launch its e-commerce service and one of the reasons for doing so is because the technology allows a traditional supermarket to offer a “premium” delivery service in one hour, with a personalized and perfect shopping experience. A service offered to both Spanish and foreign companies.

It is a perfect tool to enter the world of e-commerce in just 30 days, which is the time it takes to implement, which also allows you to continue maintaining direct contact with the customer.

“Suppose a retailer has to manage 2,000 orders a day, choose the picker who has to carry out the purchase in a store and the company that has to pick it up to make the delivery in 1 hour. Our software automates the whole process, considering different variables: distance, time, demand peaks, zip codes, time slots, etc. It chooses the best option to be able to carry out all the possible operations, reducing costs, and in the most efficient way,” explains Juan Rivero, CEO of Supertech.