Aplazame, Instant Credit for purchases, risk free

  • Aplazme uses top-notch usability and revolutionary marketing tools to offer instant credit risk-free solution for purchases online and offline

Founded by Fernando Cabello-Astolfi (CEO), François Derbaix (Advisor) and Daniel Molina (Ex Backend Developer) in 2014, Aplazame offers an instant credit risk-free solution for online and offline purchases.

Customers are offered a flexible payment method, merchants boost their sales by using financing as a marketing tool, and banks are provided with a solution to compete with tech giants. The name ‘Aplazame’, in Spanish, meaning “postpone me” was suitable because it’s what they do: They postpone the payment of a purchase.

Aplazame has won a number of awards, including the Fintech category in the South Summit, IAG’s accelerator programme Hangar51 and PwC’s Startup Collider.The startup’s competitive advantages include top-notch usability, fully integrable technology, revolutionary marketing tools and API security. 

“We develop algorithms that make decisions on conceding credit taking into account around 1,500 parametres, which we are able to analyse in each transaction,” CEO Fernando Cabello-Astolfi tells StartupsReal.

“In the digital world it is really easy to leave traces. Any web surfing behaviour from a computer, the IP, the way you type and navigate the web and introduce data… All that contributes to digital fingerprints that produce data.”

Cabello-Astolfi adds that the company also consults the client’s purchase history if the client has asked for a loan before, and can find out about their payment behaviour. 

Aplazame’s business model relies on ecommerce platforms, with 0.5-1.5% commision paid over the total amount per purchase, and on customers through interest from lending loans.


Currently facing its 6th investment round, Aplazame’s main investors are François DerbaixCabiedes & Partners and ALLVP.

Aplazame began operating in Spain in December 2013 and also started operating in Mexico in the first quarter of 2018. In future, Aplazame hopes to continue to learn how to control financial risk, activate strategic agreements with financial institutions and continue to onboard ecommerces.