Berriup, supporting and accelerating promising projects

Berriup Accelerator Spain
  • Their business model is simple: they invest 50,000€ in each accelerated startup in exchange for 10% of their market shares. 

Berriup is the first private Startup Accelerator from the Basque Country. Through a comprehensive supporting program, they accelerate entrepreneurial projects taking into account their maturity stage as well as their particular needs. They offer funding, training and advice to entrepreneurial teams with a clear goal: to promote the creation of new companies while safeguarding the investors´ profitability.

Their main objective is to attract and select the best entrepreneurs and the best projects, in order to provide them with the advice and support of a highly qualified team of professionals, as well as to support them with the funding needed to launch their projects. In addition to the 50k funding they give their clients access to, they also provide them with mentoring services and co-working spaces for the first 4 months. 

Founded in 2015 by Pedro Muñoz-BarojaPablo Ayala and José Poza, Berriup has raised the bar regarding the needs of their clients: they have gained a deep knowledge of the local needs of the entrepreneurs in the Basque Country, and have extrapolated them to different geographical areas. Their main value resides on the fact that for them the funding is just a facilitator that helps them focus on their main asset: their customers.

Their business model is simple: they invest 50,000€ in each accelerated startup in exchange for 10% of their market shares. The startup pays them 12,000€ for the acceleration program and the additional services received.


BerriUp has now launched a new investment fund for all those interested in investing in their projects. Up until now, this accelerator has promoted more than 13 companies through five programs. 

Berriup has recently launched their sixth acceleration program for all those entrepreneurs who have an innovative business project and require assitance. The program is oriented to all kinds of proposals that provide a new way of approaching or facing a business challenge, whether in the field of services, products or new technologies.