Advancing is the first immediate liquidity solution for owners of rental properties. It is a fintech specialized in advancing to the owners who have rented properties the 12 monthly payments that their tenant would have to pay him/her month by month. The advance is made in a single payment and in 24 hours in exchange for a 12% commission.

Advancing brings total peace of mind to the owner, allowing him/her access to alternative and flexible financing. It also protects them against partial and total non-payment since it includes a non-payment insurance. The startup is the only solution on the market that advances owners one year of their rent.

Any owner can benefit from this service, regardless of whether they have an apartment, an office, or commercial premises. The only requirement is that the rental contract with the tenant must be valid for at least 12 months.

Applying for it is quite easy. The owner only has to make the application, provide personal data and legal documentation. The platform verifies all the documentation with its insurance company and, once the operation is approved, makes the deposit in the owner’s account in less than 24 hours.  And during the process the owner will receive all the advice he needs to solve any doubt.

Advancing was created through the venture builder Mutter Ventures. This is the first “pre-corporate” venture builder in Spain. Its mission is to build startups that reinvent or create services and products from scratch within mature sectors. All this through technological solutions focused on satisfying a need. Mutter Ventures is founded by Christian Rodríguez Fornós, Guillermo Antonio Gaspart Bueno, Carlos Galí Pardo and Alfonso Le Monnier Forga.

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