Cobramus is a Spanish company dedicated to the management and claim of unpaid invoices. Its service is based on the assignment of collection rights on an unpaid invoice, through which it is in charge of initiating all legal and claim processes as the new “owner” of the debt. The way in which this assignment is compensated to the initial owner of the debt is by paying him 82% of everything that is recovered from the debt.

Cobramus was born from the venture builder Mutter Ventures. This is the first “pre-corporate” venture builder in Spain. Its mission is to build startups that reinvent or create services and products from scratch within mature sectors. All this through technological solutions focused on satisfying a need. Mutter Ventures is founded by Christian Rodríguez Fornós, Guillermo Antonio Gaspart Bueno, Carlos Galí Pardo and Alfonso Le Monnier Forga.

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