Reprotect is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of reusable sanitary masks. It has different collections, fabrics, and its own product lines. They are also licensees of the masks used by FC Barcelona, Athletic de Bilbao, and Sevilla FC. The company also has another brand called UrbnMSK. It is the first multi-brand online marketplace with a physical store specializing in protective products related to Covid-19 with a very urban and youthful style.

Reprotect is born from the venture builder Mutter Ventures. This is the first “pre-corporate” venture builder in Spain. Its mission is to build startups that reinvent or create services and products from scratch within mature sectors. All this through technological solutions focused on satisfying a need. Mutter Ventures is founded by Christian Rodríguez Fornós, Guillermo Antonio Gaspart Bueno, Carlos Galí Pardo and Alfonso Le Monnier Forga.

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