Bulldoc is an insurtech/legaltech company that offers the first legal protection insurance for contracts and invoices in the market. It applies the pay per use concept to the world of legal protection insurance. It covers the assistance and all the legal process for the claim of any breach between companies, professionals, and individuals, in areas such as buying and selling, services, real estate, among others.

Its protection insurance offers the client the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of suffering any breach of their contracts or invoices, they have all the advice and management of the entire claim process by amicable or judicial means from lawyers. All without wasting your time or assuming any additional cost.

To protect a contract, you only need to upload it to our web platform and activate the protection in less than 1 minute. From that moment on the client is covered and protected in relation to that contract or invoice. If any situation of non-compliance appears, you will only have to report the incident and forget about it. The Bulldoc legal team and the network of lawyers will be responsible for claiming and defending your interests by the most appropriate means in each case.

Right now, they already offer the protection of multiple types of contracts that cover the needs of individuals. Some examples: purchase and sale of secondhand vehicles, renovations, real estate, and rentals; and professionals or companies: insuring contracts and invoices to customers and suppliers.

Bulldoc was born from the venture builder Mutter Ventures, the first “pre-corporate” venture builder in Spain. Its mission is to build startups that reinvent or create services and products from scratch within mature sectors. All this through technological solutions focused on satisfying a need. Mutter Ventures is founded by Christian Rodríguez Fornós, Guillermo Antonio Gaspart Bueno, Carlos Galí Pardo and Alfonso Le Monnier Forga.

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