EIE, accelerating startups while focusing on people

  • EIE is the acronym for the European Institute for Entrepreneurship.

EIE is the acronym for the European Institute for Entrepreneurship. They define themselves as “a startup that helps startups start up”. Their overall mission is to promote entrepreneurship, paying special attention to people.

“Misfits, rebels, and creative minded people need new institutions to grow their ideas, their projects, their ventures, and eventually, their own companies. At the European Institute for Entrepreneurship we want to be one of those new institutions, a third pillar” they say.

Founded in 2013 by Antonio Sainz, Ignacio Nuñez, Jorge Jimenez, Jose Ignacio Fernandez, and Rosendo Llorente, EIE is firmly committed to promoting entrepreneurship while focusing on people. “We give particular importance to people and not just exclusively to their projects. We embrace diversity and the freedom it allows us.”

Although at the moment, they just have operational centers in Madrid and in London, the truth is that they are a global company with partnerships in countries ranging from the United States to the Dominican Republic, and from The Republic of Cameroon to India, totaling more than 21 countries worldwide.


They launched EIE with 2million €, and have accelerated multiple startups including Sonríonansa S.L., Cripto-Pay, DuNeed, PocketCare and Tour Feeling. Their business model is simple: they offer a 9-weeks program simultaneously in Madrid and London, focusing on four main areas: strategy design, creativity and marketing, real access to funding and links to local and international partners.

In addition to this support, EIE gives the startups access to all the activities offered in the Entrepreneur Program, including but not limited to workshops, visiting entrepreneurs, and brainstorming sessions. They complete the program with weekly networking and informative events.


For the coming months, at EIE they are focused on Madrid Lean City, an initiative that intends to transform Madrid in the third entrepreneurial hub in Europe, after London and Berlin. Through exposure, collaboration, and growth, they want to create a stronger, more united ecosystem for the entrepreneurs.

“By the end of 2017 we would love to have at least one company with an overall value of over 20million€ and five companies over 5 million”, they say. They would also like to have a strong relationship with over 30 countries and help over 100 entrepreneurs while working with young entrepreneurs through the Open Horizons Foundation, to whom they offer over 50 scholarships worldwide.