Rgtogether, the communication consultancy focused on startups

Reyes Gonzalez rgtogether
  • Meeting startups needs with customized solutions

Reyes González is the founder and CEO of rgtogether, a communications consultancy that specializes on corporate communications, offering customized solutions for startups.

Reyes, who has a degree in Business Administration and Marketing and a master’s degree in Communication and Advertising from ESIC, as well as years of experience working for communication departments in several companies, including Telefónica and Yellow Pages, created rgtogether in 2014.


Although not limited to it, rgtogether is geared towards the world of startups, working mostly with recently created companies and fresh ideas. The consultancy identifies clients’ strengths and works towards empowering them, always relying on the values of the brand and what constitutes its added value.

The communication strategies that rgtogether defines depend on client’s needs. They can develop a communication strategy for a period of 6 months or work on specific communication actions, like communicating a round of investment, for instance.

Rgtogether can provide a wide range of services, including designing corporate communication strategies, crisis management and training for spokespeople. Once they define a diagnosis of the situation with the client, this consultancy agency develops an individual communication plan aimed at generating value for the company.

Currently, the agency is also developing an influencers marketing campaign service, a channel of communication clients currently seek. Rgtogether finds influencers who engage with startup’s target groups.


As Reyes puts it, rgtogether stands out for their almost “artisanal” approach to clients. Reyes says “each case is treated with care, emphasizing the particularities and needs of each person, providing the experience and know-how of years of dedication to the sector and combining them with the energy necessary to charter a young company and make it navigate”.

This is why rgtogether has become a reference in information dissemination for startups. Since its inception the agency has worked with startups from different sectors such as legal, fashion, e-health and gaming. Some of their clients include: Hawkers, Gofundme, SamyRoad, VIDA, Easyoffer, Entradas.com, TuLotero, CITIBOX, Mad Lions, Tender.co.

Rgtogether is based in Madrid, working for startups based in different Spanish cities, but they also have partners in France, Portugal and Mexico.