La Más Mona, the Spanish Airbnb for fashion

Polo Villaamil, La Más Mona
  • La Más Mona is a marketplace where women can lend their dresses, accessorizes, hats and headdresses…

La Más Mona is a Spanish startup launched by the entrepreneur Polo Villaamil in 2012. They define themselves as the “Airbnb for fashion”, a marketplace where women can lend their dresses, accessorizes, hats and headdresses… and the customers can rent them.  The last studies showed the ecommerce fashion sector accounts for over 16bn euros in Europe. And another important fact is that women have over 3.000€ unused clothing in their closets.

Poloreceived 1.5M€ in several rounds of investments. The first one was in 2012 in the amount of 300.000€.  The main investors are Civeta Investments, a VC headed by Gonzalo Ruiz, and Pinama Investment, an angel investment company headed by Julio Alonso. La Más Mona was accelerated by Wayra, Telefonica’s accelerator, and they won the Seedrocket competition in 2013. The platform has over 230.000 registered users and 2.500 products in its catalogue. They also rented out over 14.000 products.

La Más Mona makes about thirty deliveries daily and its busiest month is September when they deliver almost 100 everyday (3.000 deliveries in the month). Polo plans to launch ‘Vintage Wedding’, which consists of renting out vintage wedding wear, and he revealed to our magazine: “We want to add an informal collection of men’s clothing with pieces like smoking jackets and vests”.


First you go to their web site and register (LMM operates only in Spain). The user can navigate around the website to see all the dresses and accessorizes of LMM and they can book anything by selecting the date of the event. You can reserve dresses up to six months before and you can rent for four to six days.

You can buy insurance in case you lose the item and it covers any type of accident (it cost 20% more than the price).  The return is easy, because a messenger picks up the item in your house and in the price includes the dry cleaning. If you want to try something on, you can visit their showroom in Génova 11, 1ºizq Madrid, where you receive the help of their stylists. Also you can try on four items in your home during 24 hours (It cost 10 euros).


Polo informs us: “Our next country will be Mexico in September. Now we are closing an investment round of 1M€ to launch there”. They confirm that they are going to make a big pop-up store during one month in Valencia in June. If it works they will stay there until November….